The world can be a very judgmental place, especially when looks are everything to some people. Pro wrestlers are judged by a lot of things and looks is always going to play a factor. Some fans are much more vexatious about how they go about things.

Veda Scott is quite busy working all over the globe and a lot of her matches are filmed. She has noticed a trend of people commenting on her videos to try and cut her down. It sounds like she’s had enough of it so she addressed this situation in a series of tweets.

1. Pretty much any time match footage get posted on YouTube, half the comments are about my weight/body.

If I weigh 100 lbs or 600 lbs, my body is still MINE & I love it. Even when social media makes loving it a bit harder


And I’m proud of my work, especially recently.

2. It freaking sucks out there and it’s hard to remember this but please try:

You AND ONLY YOU live in your skin.

I can change my body if I want to (maybe I don’t want to?) but I’m pretty sure someone who makes a garbage comment is stuck being miserable dick forever.

****please don’t reply to my last tweet with “ur beautiful” or “I’d still date you!” because that is 100000% not the point even if it’s “positive” –

Your commentary on mine (or anyone’s) looks and so-called desirability? Unneeded. Unwanted. Uncomfortable.

Those kind of comments intended to hurt do not fly in 2019. They shouldn’t have been okay even when nobody said anything about them not being okay. Hopefully this will raise a little bit of awareness because some fans might not realize the constant barrage of comments coming at some of our favorite wrestlers, male or female.

Felix Upton

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