Maria Kanellis is currently pregnant in real life and she is at home preparing for baby #2. Before she exited WWE television they brought her pregnancy into the storyline, but there was no pay-off at all.

Maria Kanellis told Mike that he’s not the father of their baby before bringing out Rusev. It turns out that Rusev isn’t the father of Maria’s baby either, but after that the Kanellises’ storyline was dropped entirely.

While speaking to Swings & Mrs, Mike Kanellis explained that the storyline didn’t bother him at all. He realizes that he was just playing a part. What did irk him was that WWE didn’t have any conclusion for this storyline and it just left his character dead in the water with no redemption at all.

“The angle itself didn’t bother me. Because I tell people this and it makes people yell at me, but it’s a fake television show. It’s not real. My name isn’t really Mike Kanellis and yes, I really am married to Maria Kanellis, but at the end of the day I am playing a role on a TV show. It’s the same thing as if Mike Bennett played serial killer number one on Law & Order. It doesn’t reflect who I am as a person so I don’t mind trying something different or thinking outside the box. My only issue was it didn’t go anywhere.”


“If I’m going to do a storyline like that, I want it to go somewhere, I think the fans would like that too. There should be a payoff. Because there wasn’t a payoff, it’s like what was the point? I don’t mind thinking outside the box. I don’t mind embarrassing myself, I mean, I wrestle in underwear for a living. I really don’t care. If they say I have to be emasculated by my wife, I’m like fine, I don’t care. I get offended when it doesn’t go anywhere.”

Mike Kanellis was stomped down pretty hard only to disappear from WWE television. A short time later he asked for his release from the company, but he claims those two things were not directly related.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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