Kurt Angle is a WWE Hall Of Famer, but he has the bumps and bruises to prove it. His career was filled with injuries as he famously won the Olympics with a “broken freaking neck.”

As he discussed with the Chicago Tribune, Angel’s position in WWE is a lot different now. Kurt Angle wants to help WWE Superstars minimize the damage they put on their bodies. He knows that everyone has a limited number of bumps their bodies can take.

“I help structure matches that the talents have. It’s just giving my feedback and evaluating what the wrestlers do.”

“The most important thing is once you learn the basics, limit your bumping. We only have so many bumps in our career. If you do it excessively at the beginning of your career, you’re going to cut your career short. If you save your body, it will help you enormously.”


Kurt Angle had a long career in the pro wrestling business, but he felt a ton of pain and suffered from addiction issues in the process. Now Angle can help WWE Superstars today as he steers them away from the same mistakes he made so they can have long and successful careers without the added complications.

H Jenkins

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