The New Day are no strangers to pitching ideas to Vince McMahon, but they weren’t always so adapt in pulling it off.

During The New Day: Feel The Power, Kofi Kingston provided some insight on what it’s like to pitch ideas in WWE. A lot of things need to be taken into consideration when preparing the perfect pitch. Luckily, they were able to have some good people pulling for them along the way.

“Sometimes an idea can live and die based on the passion that’s behind it. Now we pitch all of our own stuff, but back then [their writer] would be pitching something passionately there I don’t think every writer has that ability that they’re intimidated by Vince or confidence or in the culture of kinda crapping on everything he’ll pitch it with a little bit of cynicism and all of a sudden everyone’s laughing at us when you’re supposed to be the person who’s like uplifting your Superstar up.”

“Also when to pitch certain things. The language you use around what you pitch because you use one red flag word whatever it is and all of a sudden the whole thing’s done. Just having that insight is so beneficial.”


The New Day obviously worked out a formula and are still quite successful to this day.

Xavier Woods also said that the way wrestlers pitch stories usually ends with “and then I win the title.” So, he always tried to make sure that was never anything they included in their own pitches to creative.

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