Corey Graves Says He Would ‘End Up In Jail’ If He Was Himself On Total Divas

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Corey Graves is appearing on Total Divas this season as Carmella’s real-life boyfriend. Their relationship was documented by the E! reality series, but Graves was apparently holding back.

While speaking to Not Sam Wrestling, Graves admitted that it was strange to have cameras in his life. He didn’t want this to be part of the deal. He also admitted that them telling him to “be yourself” didn’t help either.

“It’s not something I was looking to make a habit out of. It was kind of an accidental occurrence in the first place,” stated Graves. “It was really wild because they say, ‘oh, be yourself.’ But I can’t be myself when there are cameras there all the time because that is how you end up in jail.”

Corey Graves and Carmella seem to be doing well whether or not the cameras are on them. If Graves comes back for another season of Total Divas maybe he will be a bit more comfortable next time. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t get himself arrested.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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