EC3 Out Of Action With Concussion

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EC3 never really got much of a chance before Vince McMahon made a decision to never use him. Now it appears that he is out of action due to injury.

They seldom use EC3 except to be one of the group chasing the WWE 24/7 Title. It has been a very long time since we saw EC3 in any capacity.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter report that EC3 is actually out of action due to a concussion that he suffered a couple of months ago.

“EC3 remains out of action with a concussion suffered at the end of September.”

Vince McMahon never got over the fact that EC3 couldn’t get cheered over a heel Dean Ambrose after the news broke that the former Lunatic Fringe was leaving WWE. Perhaps he will made a big return and get a second chance, but he needs to get over this concussion first.

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