Corey Graves Mentions Batista Dating Dana Brooke During WWE SmackDown

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Dana Brooke and Batista seem to be an item now. That is beginning to be a very hot topic of conversation. It looks like this news got to Corey Graves.

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During SmackDown this week, Dana Brooke was shown backstage with Drake Maverick. The former WWE 24/7 Champion tried to hold mistletoe over Brooke’s head and get a kiss. She asked him if he’s married to which he replied: “It’s complicated.”

Elias soon came out and sang a song about busting Drake Maverick to his wife for flirting with Brooke. It was when they came back to the ring that Corey Graves said something very interesting.

“If Drake’s wife doesn’t find out I’m sure he’ll have to deal with Big Dave.”

This was a pretty great little reference thanks to Corey Graves. It looks like this new relationship is “WWE reference official” at this point.

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