Jerry Lawler’s Dinner With The King podcast used to be co-hosted by Glenn Moore. Sadly, Moore used his position within the IWC to scam fans out of thousands of dollars.

This scam wasn’t just limited to fans. He also scammed a pediatric cancer charity. Now a court has ruled and it’s not in the fan’s favor.

It was ruled that Glenn Moore did not act as an employee of Jerry Lawler’s. This means that fans will have to wait even longer to get the money they were scammed out of. The King was not “an agent” for this transaction, therefore, he cannot be held accountable for paying the victims.

Glenn Moore could not be found or served with papers for the lawsuit. At this time, his whereabouts are unknown, but he has warrants out for him.


Jason Lurie commissioned Jerry Lawler to paint a 4×5 foot painting of his cat. This communication started in November 2018 after Jerry Lawler and Glenn Moore said that they were commissioning art on the Dinner With The King podcast. After many months, Lurie never saw his money as he told

The final amount I was suing for was $1750. $1500’for painting and $250’ for cat sketch that was never delivered. Lawler testified he never knew about second sketch. When Lawler called me I specifically asked if he was given two sketches to do. Lawler confirmed to me he had a cat sketch and my niece sketch.

Many of these transactions were done through PayPal, but if you click “friends and family” there is no fee. There is also no buyer’s insurance which is what many fans found themselves dealing with.

Jerry Lawler offered to do painting for Lurie as a 10×18, but Jason declined. He was already into this situation for a $1,500 painting and over $1,000 in legal fees. The initial agreement was $3,000 for the cat painting.

The case was heard in court on November 26th and Lurie had the following comment:

Here’s the crux of the case… according to me, Glenn acted as an agent for the mystery boxes, the sketches and the oil. For the judge to rule that he wasn’t an agent but a facilitator is just horsesh*t. Legally he met every condition for being an agent. The fact that there is no state law concerning a facilitator – well that’s because they are called agents. Not facilitators.

Lawler was advised by his attorneys to pay Lurie, but the WWE Hall Of Famer reportedly wanted to wait until the judge came back with his verdict.

Bodyslam has learned that Jerry testified twice. Lawler testified That he told Glenn the price would be $3000 for the 4×5 painting – and that was because he didn’t want to do the work. He said “I told Glenn the price for this cat painting was $3000. I thought I priced it high enough to scare off Mr. Lurie. It clearly did not.” He was then asked if he wanted to do the painting that was discussed on the podcast. Lawler replies “No. A painting of this size would take potentially months and would be much more expensive”.

An appeal has been filed, but it could take anywhere between six months to a year to be heard again. You can see the curt document below.

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