Big Tease For New Firefly Fun House Character

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Big Update: This was actually an elaborate scam that was busted the next day. It was a pretty unbelievable story that you can read all about here.

WWE promised that fans will see a new face on the Firefly Fun House this week. There are a lot of options, but people are also wondering what is happening with Liv Morgan.

Erica Gimbel, a Wardrobe Stylist & Designer who works with WWE just uploaded a very interesting video. She is drawing a female character’s dress and this led a lot of fans to wonder what is going on.

Liv Morgan hinted at a darker side of her character. Some fans are putting two and two together and hoping that means Morgan will soon join the Firefly Fun House.

This could have also been a design for Abby The Witch’s clothing. The fact that Gimbel included the caption: “Let Her In” is very intriguing.

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