WWE Friday Night SmackDown Ending Changed Due To Timing Issue

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WWE’s live television shows can sometimes go wrong. This is something that you have to deal with whenever you’re working on live TV. The good thing is that WWE Superstars are professionals and can often pull it off without anyone becoming the wiser.

Fightful Select reports that Friday Night SmackDown did not end the way that WWE had initially planned. There were timing issues and people missed their cues, but nobody’s in trouble over the error.

SmackDown was originally supposed to go off the air with the Spanish Fly dive between Ali and Lio Rush. However, due to some issues with timing and cues, the plan went awry. Ultimately, I haven’t heard of any heat going around about that situation, either.

This is the kind of thing that nobody would have noticed unless it was pointed out to them. It’s good that there’s no heat on the situation because this kind of thing happens. The fact that it was such a chaotic brawl only added to the situation.

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