WWE Survivor Series 2019 Results

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The Miz is backstage with Daniel Bryan. Miz says they’ve both family men and they’ve both been in the ring with the best of the best. However he’s never felt anything like The Fiend, it was like pure evil. He begs Daniel Bryan, for both their sakes, to put an end to The Fiend. Bryan responds with “get outta my face”.

NXT Championship

(C) Adam Cole Vs. Pete Dunne

The match gets underway and the announcers talk about how both men are not 100% – Cole has his ribs taped-up and Dunne has his knee taped. Dunne immediately takes Cole down and twists his fingers. Cole fights up and takes a wristlock. Dunne flips up and out then whips Cole to the ropes, leapfrog, then drops him with a lariat.

Dune twists the fingers of Cole again and snaps the arm. Cole rolls from the ring but Dunne goes after and slams his elbow into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Cole targets the injured knee of Pete Dunne and stomps him down. Cole dropkicks the knee of Dunne and slows him down but Dunne fires back with an Ex-Plex. Dunne unloads right and lefts on Cole, then slaps his chest. Dunne flips over Cole and kicks him in the face. Release German suplex and a stomp to the hands, followed by a kick to the head and a sit-out powerbomb for a near-fall.

Cole rolls to the outside and Dunne goes up top. The bruiserweight hits a moonsault from the middle rope to the floor. Both men get back inside the ring and Cole kicks the knee. Adam looks for a German but Pete lands on his feet and kicks him in the back. Dunne heads up-top and looks for another moonsault but Cole gets his knees up. Cole follows-up with the Last Shot but Dunne kicks out!

Dunne forearms Cole, who fires back with a kick, and Dunne drops him with a lariat. Cole hits Ushigoroshi for a near-fall. Pete Dunne counters Cole to hit The Bitter End but Cole kicks out! Dunne slaps the chest of Cole over and over, then hits an enziguiri. Dunne looks to flip over Cole but gets superkicked in mid-air! Near-fall for Cole and he can’t believe it.

Cole looks for Panama Sunrise but Dunne drives him with a forearm. Dunne hits a sit-out powerbomb for a near-fall and Cole rolls from the ring. Dunne goes after but Cole kicks his knee on the apron. Cole gets on the middle rope and hits Dunne with Panama Sunrise on the apron! Dunne gets back into the ring at nine and Cole immediately clocks him with a kick for a near-fall. The fans are going bananas now.

Cole stands on the hand of Dunne but the Bruiserweight snaps the fingers of Cole. Dunne looks for The Bitter End but Cole counters with Panama Sunrise – yes you read that correctly – and follows-up with the Last Shot for the win!

Winner: Adam Cole

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