Kenny Omega Says AEW Has ‘Made The Right Moves Right Now’

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Kenny Omega watched from backstage as Chris Jericho became the first-ever AEW World Champion. As he looks back, The Cleaner admits that AEW made the right decision.

While speaking to Wrestling Observer Radio, Omega said that AEW has made all of the right moves right now. Jericho made a great champion for the company as they start out and they are keeping Jon Moxley strong as well.

“I do think we’ve made the right moves right now. I do think that having Chris Jericho as our first champ was the right decision and I think that keeping Moxley incredibly strong – if you’ve seen his reactions in the live house, the people love him. I think that’s the right direction for him too.”

“I think that right now for me to be what people kind of expected that I would be off the get-go, which is just New Japan copy-and-paste Kenny Omega, I just don’t feel the timing’s right.”

We will have to see how things pan out for AEW. It has been fun to watch so far and 2020 is promised to be a big year with some new faces as well.

Thanks to SE Scoops for the quote

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