Chris Jericho and Vince McMahon had discussions before Y2J signed with AEW, but WWE wouldn’t match All Elite Wrestling’s offer. Now that is a decision that Vince McMahon is regretting.

Hugo Savinovich recently spoke to the High Spots podcast about McMahon. He said that losing Jericho is still affecting Vince McMahon to this day.

“(Chris)Jericho has become one of the things that’s still affecting Vince and I think that’s why he signed that contract with Randy Orton right away, because Randy Orton was pushing the envelope of saying to WWE if you don’t sign me I’m going to be a free agent and guess what (Tony) Khan is going to give me that money.”

“Vince is still haunted with not giving Jericho a better offer and he’s not going to make that same mistake again. I know Vince, he is a visionary and he is not going to make that same mistake again of not giving the right talent that he wants to keep the money they need before somebody else like Tony Khan and Cody signs them up.”


Now Chris Jericho is Le Champion of AEW, but he could still be around WWE if Vince McMahon would have cut Chris Jericho the right check. Now we’ll never know what Chris Jericho could do in WWE for the next few years at least because he signed a long-term contract with AEW.

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