Mark Henry has a great mind for pro wrestling and has seen a lot of legends come through the business. He certainly heard what Jim Cornette said and now he is encouraging Cornette to apologize.

While speaking to TMZ, Mark Henry seemed very hurt by what Jim Cornette said. He encouraged Cornette to say he’s sorry and mean it or go “full Darth Vader” and admit to being a racist. At this point, Henry equated it to being in mourning after a parent disowns you.

“As much as I can say, I’m disappointed and I hope that he can try to fix this. But, some people just don’t like people of color.”

“I would say, ‘Jim … please apologize, and mean it. And if you don’t mean it, then go all the way Darth Vader and tell I just don’t like black people.”


“At least I know who you are. And, then I can get rid of this feeling that I have in my heart. It’s like having your mother or father disown you. I feel like a sense of mourning.”

Jim Cornette was thought to have apologized, but then he said that was fraud using his name on a social media platform he’s not even on. We’ll have to see how this situation ends up, but Jim Cornette will likely have plenty to talk about on his podcasts for a while.

Felix Upton

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