Cody Rhodes Says Tony Khan Did The Best Thing He Could With AEW

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Tony Khan has been a pro wrestling fan his entire life. Tons of kids pretend to run a pro wrestling promotion, but Khan was able to grow up and make that dream a reality.

AEW has pro wrestlers in Executive Vice President roles which is very different from the way WWE runs things. While speaking to The Fan Morning Show with Jeff & Big Joe, Cody Rhodes explained what makes Tony Khan so unique.

“With someone like Tony Khan and having the business acumen and the financial capital, nothing like that has happened. So many people have stated we’d like to compete with WWE, we’d love to be an alternative. It wasn’t possible until he showed up and did the best possible thing he could do; he let the wrestlers run a wrestling company.”

AEW is presenting an alternative to pro wrestling. They are also doing quite well in some very important demographics.

Perhaps the word of mouth promotion for AEW will help secure a new fan base, but one thing All Elite Wrestling has going for them is their unique approach. This is very attractive to some fans who are burned out on trusting a corporate agenda to entertain them.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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