WWE Reportedly Still Figuring Out Big Survivor Series Decision

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Triple H promised a big surprise for NXT at Survivor Series. We can only assume that this means the final member of Team NXT will be a newsworthy choice.

We still don’t know who will be on Team NXT at Survivor Series. As of this writing, WWE hasn’t revealed one member that will compete in that match. Apparently, the company is still trying to hammer things out.

Brad Shepard stated on the Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast that as of last night (Wednesday), they were still trying to decide who would get the final spot on Team NXT at Survivor Series. This could be a very interesting decision, but Triple H has already stated that he does not want to work the match.

“Obviously there’s one spot left on the NXT Team and I was told as of tonight that they haven’t decided who it will be yet.”

We’ll have to wait and see who the big reveal for NXT will be at Survivor Series. They have some interesting options available to them and the ability to fly anyone in to Chicago that they like for the big show.

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