WWE’s Plan For Bray Wyatt Undefeated Streak

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Bray Wyatt has yet to lose a match on television since returning as The Fiend. His matches bathed in a red light have been largely one-sided. There’s a reason for that, because WWE sees money in The Fiend.

Wrestling News reports that WWE’s plan for Wyatt is to build up Bray Wyatt for something big. He will have to lose eventually, but WWE wants to make sure it means something when it happens.

”One WWE source who is close to the creative process told me that Wyatt will be in one of the main event matches at WrestleMania so expect to see his push continue and they are working on ways to keep him strong. The idea is to make sure he’s not pinned until they find the right person to beat him.”

We previously reported that WWE could be building Bray Wyatt up to either face Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar. A WrestleMania encounter is likely, but The Fiend probably has a lot of ground to cover before WWE needs to consider making him take a loss.

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