MJF Says He Can’t Get The Smell Of Fan’s Mother Off His ‘Maximum Ride’

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MJF is great at getting heat and he’s not shy about letting loose on social media. One fan decided he would say that Maxwell Jacob Friedman smelled bad, but that opened the door for The Salt Of The Earth to take full advantage.

The AEW star took this opportunity say that he’s actually having a problem with odor right now. The interesting part is that he got it from this fan’s mother.

It’s funny you mention that bud.

I’ve tried showering,bathing,hell I even walked through a car wash…

I still can’t seem to get the stench of your mother off my maximum ride.

It’s doubtful that fans will learn not to tweet things like that so MJF can find it during a vanity search. Perhaps they enjoy it, but one this we can be certain of is that MJF isn’t taking it easy on people trying to one-up him.


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