Popular Indie Wrestler Kills Rumor About Signing With AEW

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AEW has a roster loaded with talent and they could always add more, but one image floating around indicating a new signing is not the genuine article.

LuFisto tweeted out an image that has been making the rounds online. In this graphic she is standing in front of an AEW logo and it says that she’s All Elite, but LuFisto had to kill that rumor.

I got tones of “congratulations” because of this image. Thank you all for the love but unfortunately, this is not an official thing so please stop. Lol I would send them a recent picture since I lost 30 lbs since that one.

AEW might benefit from having LuFisto around, but she has not signed with the company at this point. It’s good that she was able to clear this up before more people got the wrong idea.

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