Natalya continues to serve as one of the measuring sticks for WWE when it comes to women’s wrestling, which we hardly think is a bad role to be in.

While she may not always have been located towards the top of the card she’s always given her all, which has led to a few runs as champion – in addition to having the honour of competing in the first ever women’s match over in Saudi Arabia this year.

Tonight her attention will turn towards Monday Night RAW and Asuka, with the expectation, obviously, being that the two will have a barnburner of a match.

Asuka’s dark side has come out to play in recent months and it’s safe to say that fans are all in on it. Her heel, Tajiri-like character may not be going down too well when it comes to the world of wrestling stereotypes, but it’s definitely helped her to rise up the card.


Natalya is able to drag a great match out of just about anyone, but with Asuka, there will be no ‘dragging’ involved. The Japanese sensation is more than capable of looking after herself and can certainly handle business in the ring.

This first time ever match alone should be enough of a reason to tune into RAW, but we just hope they’re going to be given the time they need in order to put together a strong match. If not, then it feels like something which could’ve been saved for a pay per view.

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Harry Kettle

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