Lana Berates Airline For Losing Luggage ‘Communism Works Better Than Your Entire Airline’

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Lana lost her bags yesterday when flying with Royal Dutch Airlines. This was a travel disaster because she also lost hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of designer clothes too.

The Ravishing Russian updated fans tonight on her progress of tracking down her bags. Things obviously aren’t going well at all as she discovered that Royal Dutch Airlines doesn’t even scan their bags before flights. So her clothes could be anywhere. It’s a good thing she’s rich.

[email protected] you still DO NOT KNOW WHERE MY BAGS are ??!? How idiotic are you ? Communism works better than your entire airline !

So @KLM doesn’t scan their bags ! What are you in the dinosaur ages !!!!?!?!?

A good thing I’m rich

Hopefully, her bags turn up with all of her highly expensive clothes still inside her luggage. In the meantime, it looks like Lana is going to have to go shopping.

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