How Many AEW Fans WWE NXT Gained During This Week’s Overrun

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WWE has a great deal with the USA Network. This is one of the reasons why they are able to air NXT every week with a 15 minute overrun. They might not need all that time every week, but it certainly helps.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted some very interesting numbers in regards to NXT’s overrun. In fact, “when AEW’s show ends, NXT gets a huge bump, of somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 viewers.”

AEW still beat them in the overall ratings this week, but that didn’t stop some AEW fans from apparently switching over to see what NXT had on after 10:00 PM EST.

As far as crossover audience based on who switched over after AEW ended, it looks like 5,000 teenagers, no women 18-34, 18,000 women 35-49, 48,000 men 18-34, 48,000 men 35-49, and 89,000 over 50.

It was also noted that NXT saw a spike in viewership when AEW went to commercial. On the other hand, AEW did not see that much of an increase when NXT went to commercial. That means, in theory, that AEW fans are interested in what NXT is putting on, but WWE fans might not be tuning into AEW at the same rate.

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