WWE Superstars needed to stay in Saudi Arabia after WWE Crown Jewel for a day longer than they expected. This led to some Superstars tweeting things that really worried fans.

Rusev spoke to Digital Spy where he discussed the situation in Saudi Arabia. It was a long day for WWE Superstars with the pay-per-view and their travel issues only added to the frustration.

He talked about things being broken and confirmed that staff on the plane needed to take a break for the day. That kept them in Saudi Arabia for a day longer than first expected. It is still interesting how he used the word “detained.”

“It was a long day just in general the whole day of the pay-per-view because we’ve got to be in the stadium all day so everybody was tired. Once we got to the airplane, it was oh we’re going to go, we’re not gonna go, we’re gonna go but now this is broken, that is broken and with each hour the frustration grew.”


“Finally we couldn’t take off because the stewardess couldn’t stay any longer on the plane, they had to get off because they need a certain amount of break time. So everybody got detained and we went to a hotel and we flew the next day at the same time.”

Rusev said that the stewardess needed to take a break which lines up with what AJ Styles said, only The Phenomenal one said it was the pilots who needed a break. It’s very likely that both the stewardesses and pilots needed a break.

It seems that WWE and Saudi Arabia’s relationship is still going just fine. They even upped their deal to guarantee Saudi Arabia two shows year for the next eight years when they were only contracted to do one.

Felix Upton

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