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With so many moving parts still hanging in the balance and only 2 weeks left to go before NXT WarGames 2019, how will the black and gold brand build to their trademark November show?

While the men’s WarGames match is shaping up nicely, it still has one piece missing. Tommaso Ciampa has yet to announce the 4th member of his team that he will bring into war against the Undisputed Era. We have yet to see Johnny Gargano since being attacked by Finn Balor, and Gargano seems like the most obvious choice, but where would that leave Finn? Will we find out who Ciampa’s fourth member is tonight?

On the women’s side, Shayna Baszler has yet to announce the 4th member of her team. Additionally, Mia Yim and Io Shirai will clash tonight to see who will get the advantage in War Games. Perhaps Baszler’s fourth member will make her case by interfering in this match, costing Yim the win? After Rhea Ripley’s promo last week, many fans think that Dakota Kai will betray her friends and join Shayna’s team for War Games, and we might find out if that happens tonight.


On the non-WarGames side of NXT, Lio Rush is also set to defend his NXT Cruiserweight Championship against Angel Garza. Garza has been on quite the winning streak lately, defeating the likes of Tony Nese and Jack Gallagher, but Lio Rush has yet to defend his championship since winning it only weeks ago. Will Garza win the championship or will The Man of The Hour remain cruiserweight champion?

Killian Dain continued his path of aggression last week by taking out both Pete Dunne and Damian Preist. Will Dunne and Priest be looking to even the odds this week against Dain, possibly even setting aside their differences in doing so? Or will Dain continue to manhandle the NXT roster?

Finally, the invasions of the main roster continued on the most recent episodes of RAW and Smackdown, but the main roster proved last week that they are not afraid to fire back when The OC invaded NXT. WIll the invasions continue this week? If so, who will show up at Full Sail this week?

This is set to be a jam-packed episode of NXT, and we will begin coverage when NXT goes live at 8:00 PM EST!

Opening Segment

We see a recap from last week. We see The OC invading, Mia Yim being named the final member of Rhea Ripley’s team, Finn Balor attacking Matt Riddle, Angel Garza confronting Lio Rush, and everything that went down between Damian Preist, Pete Dunne, and Killian Dain.

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush vs. Angel Garza for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship

Garza and Rush stare each other down to start. Garza seems to offer a handshake, but Rush denies it. Garza goes for the slap, but Rush dodges. Rush’s smaller size and speed puts Garza on defense. Garza goes out of the ring and leaps the barricade, standing next to Lio’s family. Garza removes his pants in front of Rush’s wife, but Rush dives out of the ring onto Garza. Back in the ring, Rush hits a DDT on Garza for a 2 count.

Rush sends Garza to the outside and follows it up with a wrecking ball dropkick. Rush goes for a tope, but Garza catches him and turns it into a powerslam, and we go to a picture-in-picture commercial.

Garza sends Rush back into the ring and goes for a pin, but gets only 2. Garza hits an assisted reverse suplex on Rush and then kicks him. Garza gets Rush in the corner and knees him in the midsection, then goes for another pin for a 2 count. Garza clubs away at Rush, but Rush fights to his feet. Rush gains a head of steam, but Garza cuts Rush off and goes for another pin for another 2 count.

Garza gets Rush in a torture rack then sets him up for a powerbomb, but Rush reverses it into a hurricanrana for 2. Garza gets Rush in a surfboard submission, working Rush into the ground. Rush fights back, but Garza’s strikes cut Rush’s momentum off, and we are back from commercial.

Rush hits a handspring back elbow on Garza and pins for 2. Garza strikes at Rush’s chest, but it seems to only anger Rush. Rush goes for a kick, but Garza catches his leg and goes for a Wingclipper, but Rush escapes. Rush goes for The Come Up, but Garza catches Rush with a huge dropkick in the back of his head and pins for 2. Rush fights back and hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2.

Rush goes to the top rope, but Garza crotches him on the top turnbuckle. Garza follows Rush to the top and grabs Rush, hitting a moonsault powerslam from the top rope for a 2 count.

Garza goes for a mid rope moonsault, but Rush grabs Garza’s leg. Garza unleashes strikes on Rush and Garza runs at Rush, but Rush reverses it into a Spanish fly. Rush hits Garza with a spinning heel kick. RUsh hits a The Come Up, but holds on to Garza’s head, slaps him in the face, and goes for another Come Up, but Garza catches Rush and hits him with a Wingclipper for a very close 2 count.

Garza picks up Rush and looks to go for another Wingclipper, but goes to the top turn buckle while holding Rush, implying that he will hit the Wingclipper from the top rope. Rush fights back, though, and Garza and Rush headbuttt each other until Rush hits a hurricanrana onto Garza. Rush goes to the top rope and hits a Final Hour Frogsplash for a 2 count.

Rush goes back to the top rope and hits a springboard Final Hour Frogsplash on Garza, pinning Garza. Rush hooks the right leg, but at the 2 count, Garza’s left leg touches the bottom rope. Lio’s momentum pulls Garza’s leg off of the rope before the referee can see it, and Rush gets the 3 count pinfall victory.

Winner: Lio Rush

Rush’s actions are treated more like an accident than anything intentionally heel-ish, but the fans boo Rush as Rush quickly makes his way up the entrance ramp, holding his NXT Cruiserweight Championship above his head.

Backstage, Tegan Nox and Rhea Ripley have been laid out, and NXT officials are checking on Nox and Ripley. Before we learn anything more, we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Beth implies that it could have been anyone who attacked Ripley and Nox, but it was likely someone from Shayna’s team, if not Shayna herself. Then we get a recap of Shayna’s actions with her main roster invasions.

Xia Li vs. Aliyah (w/ Vanessa Borne)

Right away, Aliyah uses a handful of hair to try and get the advantage, but Li’s strength and strikes put Aliyah on the defense. Vanessa Borne distracts Li, and Aliyah tries to capitalize. Aliyah hits a northern lights suplex on Li for a 2 count. Aliyah does not let up, but Li’s strikes and kicks are too powerful. Li hits a cartwheel forearm smash on Aliyah in the corner, following it up with a sprinboard double axe handle on the back of Aliyah. Aliyah hits a spinning roundhouse kick on the side of Aliyah’s head, and Li pins Aliyah for 3.

Winner: Xia Li

After the win, the referee, Borne, and a backstage doctor check on Aliyah. Li celebrates her victory, but the doctor holds a cloth to Aliyah’s face and pulls it back, revealing that Aliyah is bleeding.

We get a recap of the intense rivalry between Pete Dunne and Killian Dain, then we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Finn Balor’s music hits. Finn gets in the ring and we see a new camera shot, with Finn staring down the camera giving finger guns while the “FB” symbol plays on the screen above him.

Finn gets a mic and complains about what NXT has become, saying that it is a joke. Finn continues to run down the roster, specifically Johnny Gargano and Matt Riddle. Matt Riddle makes it to the ring and attacks Finn from behind. Neither man can truly get the advantage on the other until Riddle kicks Finn’s upper body and sends him over the barricade. Finn runs away, and Riddle grabs a mic, saying that Finn can only run for so long.

The Undisputed Era’s music hits and all 4 members make it to the ring. Riddle gets in the ring, and the Undisputed Era surround the ring. Ciampa’s music hits, and Lee and Ciampa come down the ring and make the save. Cole cuts a promo, saying that the Undisputed Era are the most dominant force in the WWE, and Lee challenges them to get in the ring.

Lee says that Cole may have beat Danial Bryan and stood up to Seth Rollins, but asks if Cole will stand up to him. Strong tells Lee to shut up and hypes up Adam Cole, saying that if Lee wants a fight, he’ll have to fight Strong. Lee seemingly accepts the challenge, baiting Strong to get in the ring.

A group of referees make it to the ring, keeping Team Ciampa and The Undisputed Era apart. Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly leave the ring, and Lee grabs Strong, tossing him across the ring. Strong escapes, and we go to commercial.

Back from the commercial, and the match has been made official.

NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong vs. Keith Lee (Non-Title Match)

Lee gets Strong in the corner, landing huge body shots on Strong, then knocking Strong down with a left hand. Lee picks up Strong and chops him hard in the chest. Strong boots Lee in the face and goes for a diving crossbody, but Lee catches him and hits a body slam, pinning him for only a 1 count.

Lee stays on Strong, stretching Strong’s arm and pushing on Strong’s head. Strong kicks Lee’s head and breaks the hold, then chops down Lee. Strong attempts shoulder blocks on a kneeled Lee, but Lee is not phased. Lee stands up, and Strong goes for strikes on Lee. Strong continues to chop at Lee, then runs the ropes and Lee catches Strong with a double palm strike on Strong’s chest, knocking Strong down.

On the top rope, Lee sets up Strong for a superplex, but Strong crotches Lee on the second rope and knees Lee in the face, dazing him. Strong seeks refuge on the outside of the ring, getting a breather, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Strong and Lee are trading strikes. Strong dropkicks Lee, sending him out of the ring. Strong dives on Lee from the apron, but Lee catches him. Lee sends Strong back first into the ring apron, then military presses Lee back in the ring. Strong hits Lee with two wrecking ball dropkicks, ending up outside the ring after the second.

Lee is down, and Strong attempts to capitalize, running Strong back-first into the barricade. Back in the ring, Strong hits Lee with a big boot to Lee’s face, grounding Lee and getting a 2 count. Strongs mounts a downed Lee, locking in a rear chin lock on Lee. Lee stands up with Strong on his back, but Strong fish hooks Lee’s face, letting Strong keep the advantage.

Strong trash talks Lee, and Lee unleashes on Strong, finishing it up with a standing belly to belly suplex, covering Strong for a 2 count. Lee gets Strong in a fireman’s carry, but fights out of it. Lee hits Strong with a backbreaker for a 2 count. Lee picks up Strong, bringing him into the corner. Strong goes up to the top rope with Lee, but Lee pushes Strong off.

Strong fights back up to Lee, but Lee pushes Strong off and Strong hits an enziguri on Lee. Strong goes all the way to the top rope, but Lee pushes him off again. Strong hits a step-up knee strike and took Lee out, which allows Strong to hit a superplex on Keith Lee, getting a 2 count.

Strong attempts a Stronghold on Lee, but he can’t get the leverage required to flip Lee. Lee gets back to his feet, and Lee and Strong trade blows again. Strong runs the ropes and hits the forearm smashes on Lee’s face, but Lee hits Strong with a huge lariat and both men are down.

The Undisputed Era come down to the ring, but Riddle and Ciampa also make their ring, taking care of The Undisputed Era. Finn Balor comes out and attacks Matt Riddle from behind, hitting him with a drop kick into the steel steps.

Lee is distracted, and Strong attacks a distracted Lee. Lee fights back, though, hitting a Jackhammer on Roderick Strong for the 3 count pinfall victory.

Winner: Keith Lee

Immediately after the match, The Undisputed Era get in the ring and attack Lee. Ciampa tries to save him, but the numbers are too much for Ciampa and Lee. Then, Dominik Dijakovic comes down for the save, taking out both Fish and O’Reilly in at once. Adam Cole looks to land a surprise superkick on Dijakovic, but Dijakovic catches him, hitting Cole with a Feast Your Eyes. Dominik Dijakovic steps to Ciampa and says, “I’m in,” offering his hand.

Ciampa shakes his hand, seeming to accept Dijakovic onto Team Ciampa. Dijakovic turns and comes face-to-face with Lee. Both men stare each other down while the NXT crowd chants “Hug it out.” Lee offers Dijakovic a handshake, and Dijakovic accepts it. Ciampa, Lee, and Dijakovic stand in the ring in solidarity and stare down The Undisputed Era, who cower up the ramp, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, the commentary team recap what happened right before the break. Mauro cuts off Nigel and says that there is a development happening backstage. Marina Shafir, Jessamyn Duke, and Candice LeRae have all been knocked out cold outside the arena. Shafir, Duke, and LeRae join Ripley and Nox as women who have been attacked. Triple H is on the scene, trying to take care of things.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Bronson Reed

Reed and Scott is “size and strength versus speed and creativity,” as Nigel McGuinness says. Reed grounds Scott, but Scott gets to his feet and gets a go behind on Reed. Reed shoulder tackles Scott, but Scott nips up and smiles at Reed.

Reed locks in a wristlock, but Scott fights out and his a dropkick form the top rope. Reed knocks down Scott and gains the advantage, hitting Scott with a headbutt. Scott chops away at Reed, but Reed is unphased. Reed locks in a headlock. Reed sits on Scott, immobilizing him. Reed picks up Scott and drops him out the ring over the top rope. Reed exits the ring and chops away at Scott. Reed picks up Scott, but Scott fights out of it and slips behind Reed, sending him facefirst into the ring post, then we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Reed hits a release German suplex, but Scott lands on his feet. Scott hits offense from the top rope, but Reed hits Scott with a flatliner. Scott picks up Reed and looks to take him down with a right hand. A discuss clothesline still does nothing, but Reed turns Scott inside out with a clothesline, then hits a senton.

Reed gets to the top rope, but Scott follows him up. Reed picks up Scott and has him in a piledriver position, but Scott fights out of it. Reed begins climbing down from the top rope, but Scott hits Reed with a DDT and pins him for a 2 count.

Scott goes after Reed’s left arm, but Reed throws him down. Scott follows Reed with a back elbow. Scott rolls and pops up, looking for some offense, but Reed catches Scott and hits a powerbomb. Reed spikes Scott on this head and shoulders, covering him for a 2 count.

Scott gets to the apron and goes for a hurricanrana, but Reed catches him. Scott locks in a triangle, but eventually releases. Reed goes sit on Scott, but Scott rolls out of the way. Scott runs up to Reed and hits the House Call, a leaping sidekick to Reed’s head, hooking the leg for the 3 count pinfall victory.

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Reed and Scott share a handshake after the match.

Cathy Kelley says that both the men’s and women’s locker room are on high alert after the invasions from the past two weeks. The identity of the woman who took out Ripley, Nox, Shafir, Duke, and LeRae is still unknown, but Kelley says that William Regal has signed Finn Balor versus Matt Riddle for WarGames, but that means that Riddle has been removed from the men’s WarGames match and will be replaced by Dominik Dijakovic. This means that Team Ciampa is still one man short.

Backstage, Dunne is shown warming up for his match with Dain, then we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial, a hype package runs for The Forgotten Sons.

Pete Dunne vs. Killian Dain

Before the match can get underway, Damian Priest attacks Killian Dain from behind while Dain is making his way to the ring. Priest and Dunne stare each other down, and Dunne goes after Priest. Dain is back up and he attacks both Priest and Dunne. Security comes down to the ring but are ultimately ineffective, as Preist, Dunne, and Dain still attack each other, with Priest ultimately hitting a crucifix powerbomb onto a security guard, throwing him over the top rope onto Dunne, Dain, and assorted security guards at the bottom of the entrance ramp. Dunne and Dain stand up and fight, but Priest runs the ropes and hits a tope, taking out both Dunne and Dain.

Backstage, Mia Yim is interviewed by Cathy Kelley. Kelley asks Yim how she is focusing on her match with Io with all of the women being taken out. Yim says that she isn’t worried and she has earned her place on Ripley’s team, so she can hold her own.

There is a knock on the door, and Yim says, “Come in.” Dakota Kai enters and says that she has no hard feelings towards Yim with Yim being picked over Kai for Ripley’s team. Kai says that, with all of the craziness going on, Kai has Yim’s back during her match with Io if anything happens. Kai leaves, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and the commentary team announces that Adam Cole will take on Dominik Dijakovic next week to determine who has the advantage in the men’s WarGames match next week. Also, they confirm that Riddle versus Finn has been signed, and Riddle has been taken out of the men’s WarGames match, leaving Team Ciampa still short by one man.

Mia Yim vs. Io Shirai Ladder Match to Determine Advantage in the Women’s WarGames Match

Io tries to leave the ring and grab the ladder immediately, but Yim stops her. Io sends Yim out of the ring, and follows her out with a tope. Yim gets the ladder first and gets it into the ring, but Io gets in the ring and dropkicks the ladder into Yim’s face.

Yim drags Shirai to the outside and picks her up, dropping Io facefirst onto a ladder on the outside. Yim gets back in the ring and attempts to set the ladder up, but Shirai attacks Yim from behind and sends her out of the ring. Io tries to use the ladder at attack Yim is on the outside, but Yim pulls the ladder that Io is holding, sending her facefirst into the corner.

Outside the ring, the ladder is now laying across the apron and the barricade. Yim tries to whip Io into the ladder, but Yim ducks, superkicking the ladder into Yim’s face. Io gets back into the ring and grabs the ladder, but Yim uses the ladder to injure Io’s hand. On the outside, Io tries to take Yim out by running at her with a ladder, but Yim gets out of the way.

Shirai abandons the ladder and goes on the offense. Shirai downs Yim, and Io gets back to her feet. Io tries to pull a ladder from inside the ring to the outside, but her injured hand prevents her. Yim takes advantage of the injured hand and attacks Io. Yim gets back in the ring and grabs the ladder, but Io grabs the other side. Yim twists the ladder, flipping Io and Io lets go of the ladder. Yim hits a suplex on Io onto the ladder, and we go to a commercial.

Back from commercial, and a ladder has been set up in a corner of the ring. Io chokes Yim on the ropes, Shirai hits Yim with a tiger kick, then a flapjack. With both women down, Shirai is up first and goes for hte ladder, but Yim stops her. Io gets a full nelson on Yim and Yim hits a back body drop on Io. Io flips out of it and runs at Yim, but Yim grabs Shirai and sends her overhead into the ladder in the corner.

Yim sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring and begins to climb, but Shirai grabs Yim’s leg and Yim tried to climb. Yim kicks Shirai, then goes to pick her up by her head, but Io sends Yim into the ladder face first. Io knocks the ladder down and traps Yim in the ladder, smashing Yim between the two legs of the ladder.

Io gets another ladder from under the ring, kicking the used one out of the ring. Io goes to set up the new ladder, but Yim hits Eat Defeat, and Io rolls out of the ring. Yim picks up the ladder, but Io hits a springboard missile dropkick into the ladder into Yim’s face.

Yim is bleeding hardway, and officials have entered the ring, checking on Yim. Cameras focus on Io, and Io sets up the ladder, struggling to climb the ladder with an injured hand. Mia Yim gets back up and stops Shirai from climbing. Io has snapped and knocks down the ladder, hitting Yim with double knees in the corner. Io goes to the top rope, but Yim follows her. Io eventually hits a headbutt on Yim, sending her to the outside.

Dakota Kai comes out and comforts Mia Yim, helping Yim to her feet. Io, still on the top turnbuckle, hits a moonsault to the outside, taking out Kai and Yim. Io gets back in the ring and sets up the ladder. Io begins to climb, but Kai gets in the ring and takes down Io, hitting Io with a powerbomb. Kai sends Yim into the ring, handing the match to Mia Yim.

Suddenly, NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray comes out, sending Kai face first into the steel steps. Ray enters the ring and tips over the ladder with Yim at the top, sending Yim crashing through the ladder that is set up between the apron and the barricade. Ray picks up Io on the outside and rolls her into the ring, helping Io climb the ladder and secure the briefcase.

Winner: Io Shirai

Io Shirai sits atop the ladder holding the briefcase, Bianca Belair stands on one side of the ladder, and Kay Lee Ray on the other. Shayna Baszler comes out with a smile and applauds Kay Lee Ray, seeming to accept Ray onto her team. Suddenly, Bayley comes out of nowhere and surprise attacks Baszler from behind with a chair, then sends Baszler facefirst into her own championship belt. Kay Lee Ray and Bianca Belair run up the entrance ramp, but Bayley high tails it out. Io, Ray, and Belair tend to a knocked out Baszler as NXT goes off the air.

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