Why Aleister Black Hasn’t Been Wrestling Lately

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WWE has a few former NXT Champions on the cusp of a push including Aleister Black. He continues to work backstage angles where he cuts the same kind of promo looking for someone to pick a fight with him. Why hasn’t he been actually wrestling?

Dave Meltzer revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio that there is a very good reason why Black continues to cut those backstage promos. He is currently dealing with a knee injury, but the company wanted to keep him on television.

“Okay, so here’s the deal. He’s got a knee injury and they wanted to keep him on TV.”

Hopefully, Aleister Black’s knee isn’t too bad. He needs his legs to be in working order for all of those kicks he delivers in the ring. It is a good thing that WWE is still giving him a focus even though he can’t work in the ring. At least that shows that they haven’t given up on him.

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