There was rumored to be a disagreement with WWE and the Saudi Arabians about money. This reportedly led to Vince McMahon cutting their feed of Crown Jewel and delaying it by around 45 minutes.

Before RAW went live yesterday they had a meeting with all of the Superstars. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that during that meeting Vince McMahon said the Saudi Arabians wanted their feed of Crown Jewel to get cut.

“[Vince McMahon] said — now I was told that the reason the television show didn’t air was because of a technical issue. Vince told the talent that the reason — we’re talking about Crown Jewel not airing live in Saudi Arabia, it aired on about a 45 minute delay — Vince told the talent that that was a decision made by Saudi Arabia to delay it by 40 minutes. That’s what he said in the meeting.”

The rumor is that Saudi Arabia owed WWE money that they didn’t pay until Vince McMahon had to fight for it. Then Vince McMahon cut the feed as retaliation only for Saudi Arabia to keep WWE Superstars even longer as their own reprisal.


It was all a big misunderstanding according to Vince McMahon and the Saudis wanted their feed to get cut.

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