WWE Superstars were unable to leave Saudi Arabia after Crown Jewel. This situation is getting far more complicated as time goes on and new information is uncovered.

Dave Meltzer mentioned during Wrestling Observer Radio that the story about the first charter flight out of Saudi Arabia is “complete bullsh*t.” The story goes that certain Superstars were so compelled to make SmackDown that they pulled their money together and got a flight out.

That is not only a lie because WWE paid for the flight, but it also made those stuck in Saudi Arabia look like they didn’t want to get out as badly either.

“You know the statement that said that the talent felt so compelled to go that they arranged their own flight and they basically tried to tell you that this loyal talent bought a charter and everything? That I know is complete bullsh*t.”


It was noted that these Superstars didn’t pull their money together. It was WWE who arranged that flight. The story that only a certain number of Superstars felt compelled enough to get back to the United States very likely frustrated those Superstars who were stuck in Saudi Arabia.

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H Jenkins

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