WWE 2K20 Fixing A Ton Of Glitches With New Patch

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WWE 2K20 was released as a broken game. Thankfully, we live during a time where developers can upload patches to fix the game after its release.

According to a release sent out by 2K Games, they address a ton of the glitches that have plagued players since the game dropped on October 22nd.

Hello, everyone.

WWE 2K20 patch 1.02 is now live on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

The patch addresses reported concerns regarding the following issues and we expect to roll out additional patches in the near future to address additional concerns:

* Gameplay and Controls
* Graphics and Clipping
* Hair Physics
* Hit detection and aiming
* Interactions with tables, ladders, steel steps, and other objects
* Referee actions
* Onscreen button prompts
* Characters “warping” or moving unnaturally around the arena
* Crashes and Freezing
* Image downloads
* Entrances and attires
* Universe mode editing and saving
* Custom and Created Superstars and creation modes
* Commentary and sound effects
* Online Stability, matchmaking, desyncs, and lag

It’s great that they got this patch out. Hopefully, it fixes a lot of the issues. It still doesn’t change the fact that they were put in this position in the first place with a deadline from WWE while using a new engine.

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