WWE Crown Jewel went down yesterday and the plan was to get on a chartered plane and make it back to the United States for SmackDown. That plan did not go too smoothly at all.

Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that the WWE Superstars were set to take off and then they made them all get off the plane. It was noted that this was not a mechanical issue.

Vince McMahon was able to leave before all of this occurred. In fact, “Vince was gone before he knew this was happening.” It was said that they were eventually able to get about a dozen Superstars out of Saudi Arabia.

“There’s not a lot known except for a lot of people are still there. That’s all, really. My impression was that they were on the plane ready to take off and then they were told to leave the plane and they would be able take off, but not for a long, long time and then Vince was able to get another plane there to get a few people to get to Buffalo I’m presuming, I just know that some people left, but it was only twelve wrestles out of the dozens that was on that show.”


That left “dozens” of others left in Saudi Arabia. The window was closing pretty rapidly as well because their 14 hour flight could prohibit them from making it to Buffalo in time for SmackDown.

We will have to see what happens here, but as of this morning when Dave Meltzer recorded Wrestling Observer Radio, there were still a lot of WWE Superstars stuck in Saudi Arabia and unable to leave with only about two hours to do so to get back to the United States in time.

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