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As The Undisputed Era continue their unobstructed reign over the NXT Universe, this week’s edition looks to showcase one of the threats to Adam Cole’s NXT Championship, as The Blackheart Tommaso Ciampa returns to action tonight. After being confronted by Angel Garza backstage last week, William Regal made the official match between the two for this week, as Ciampa looks to get back in the saddle and shake off some ring rust.

After being sidelined with a knee injury during the Mae Young Classic, Tegan Nox is finally recovered and ready for an in-ring return. That return happens tonight, as Nox will face off in a WWE ring for the first time in 2019.

Also on tonight’s show, Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic square off one more time, with each man holding one victory over the other. Who will come out on top in this colossal rubber match?

Finally, Pete Dunne looks to get revenge on Damian Preist after being attacked from behind by Preist a number of weeks ago. Preist wants to make a name for himself off of the back of Pete Dunne, but the BruiserWeight will not let it happen that easily. Who will come out victorious in the first clash between these two stars?

It all happens tonight, and coverage begins when NXT goes live on the USA Network at 8:00 PM EST!

Opening Segment

A brief recap of various events since the USA Network debut plays, including the return of Ciampa, Lio Rush winning the NXT Cruiserweight Championship, and other matches. Also, Finn Balor’s return to NXT now closes out the NXT opening video package.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Angel Garza

Ciampa receives a hero’s welcome when his music hits, and he stands in the middle of the ring, soaking in the adoration for a moment before Angel Garza’s music hits.

A “Ciampa’s gonna kill you” chant starts at the beginning of the match, and Ciampa and Garza perform a series of counters on each other before Garza catches Ciampa with an enziguri that sends Ciampa to the outside.

Garza follows Ciampa to the outside and Ciampa throws Garza into a barricade and the steel steps. Back in the ring, Ciampa goes for the Fairytale Ending, but Garza runs Ciampa into the corner and attacks the knee, sending Ciampa to the outside. Garza performs a tope to the outside.

Garza sends Ciampa back into the ring, then hits Ciampa with a dropkick. Garza rips off his tearaway pants and throws them at Ciampa, but that infuriates Ciampa, as he stomps away at Garza in the corner, and hits him with a running knee strike in the corner.

Ciampa attacks Garza’s pants in some sort of mind games, and when Garza goes to re-enter the ring, Ciampa catches him in a Willow’s Bell draping DDT for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

After the match, Ciampa acts like he will leave the ring, but, before he can, The Undisputed Era come out and make their way to the ring. Ciampa has a chair and crutch in his hand as The Undisputed Era ominously stalk around outside the ring. Kyle O’Reilly goes to the commentary team and tosses a USB drive to Mauro, saying, “You might want to take a look at this.” All four members of the Undisputed Era reconvene at the bottom of the entrance ramp, staring down Ciampa.

Tonight: Finn Balor addresses the NXT Universe.

Backstage, Keith Lee has earbuds in and he is clearly focused on his match later tonight. Then we go to a commercial.

Back from commercial, and we see the video from Kyle O’Reilly’s flash drive. It shows Velveteen Dream laid out backstage and Adam Cole says that the same thing will happen to Tommaso Ciampa and Finn Balor if they attempt to get in The Undisputed Era’s way.

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs. Imperium (Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel w/ Alexander Wolfe)

Danny Burch and Fabian Aichner start off the match, and Aichner goes for a headlock immediately, but Burch turns it into a German suplex. Oney Lorcan tags in, and hits Aichner with some chops, but Burch tags back. Barthel is able to tag in and goes for a dive, but Burch hits Barthel with a headbutt and a missle dropkick.

Burch and Lorcan celebrate, but are caught off guard. Barthel throws Burch shoulder first into the ring post and then Aichner and Barthel hit Burch with a combination sliding dropkick and leaping kick to Burch’s head. Aichner and Barthel pose in their corner and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Barthel is in control of Danny Burch, but Burch gets the hot tag in on Lorcan, then sends Aichner out of the ring, before hitting him with a tope. He then hits Barthel into Aichner, and then dives onto both onto the outside. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan go for tag team moves onto Aichner, but Barthel saves Aicher by taking Burch out of the ring.

Aichner tags in, but Barthel stays in the ring. Lorcan doesn’t know about the tag, and gets blindsided by Aichner. Barthel hits a tope onto Burch to the outside, and Aichner hits an impressive moonsault onto Lorcan for a 2 count.

Barthel tags back in, and Lorcan looks to gight back, but Aichner and Barthel catch Lorcan as he runs the ropes. Aicher olds up Lorcan and Barthel hits the European bomb onto Lorcan for the 3 count and runs the victory.

Winners: Imperium

A video package plays showing Johnny Gargano, #DIY, their feud over the last few weeks.

A Gargano interview from earlier today plays, where Johnny is asked how he feels about Tommaso’s return. Gargano says he isn’t sure how he feels about Ciampa being back and won’t know until he sees Ciampa face to face.

Dominik Dijakovic is shown backstage warming up for his match with Keith Lee.

Io Shirai is in action right after this commercial break!

Back from commercial, and we roll right into the next match.

Io Shirai vs. Kayden Carter

Carter and Shirai both have the opportunity to show off their athleticism, but Carter gets a near-fall on Shirai. Carter hits a springboard dropkick to Shirai’s face, and Shirai rolls to the outside.

Carter follows her to the outside and goes for a PK to Shirai, but Shirai catches Carter’s kick and slams Carter facefirst into the apron. Shirai gets Carter back in the ring and hits a spingboard dropkick to Carter for a 2 count,

Carter is able to sweep Shirai’s legs and take her down, then hits a series of kicks to Shirai for a 2 count. Carer goes for a roll through into a rollup pin on Shirai, but Shirai catches her and hits a German suplex, then hits a moonsault onto Carter for the 3 count pinfall victory.

Winner: Io Shirai

Shirai stands in the ring after her win with a mic, and says “Not Rhea,n not Bianca. Shayna, it’s me.” Before she can say anything else, Rhea Ripley comes out to the ring and stands face to face with Shirai. Shirai moves the mic towards herself, but Rhea snatches it from her hand.

Rhea Ripley says that she will fight Bianca Belair next week, but if Io says Rhea’s name again, Rhea will shut her up. Io backs up from Rhea and they circle each other in the ring for a bit while Shirai trash talks Rhea in Japanese. Shirai eventually rolls out of the ring and retreats up the entrance ramp.

We see a recap from last week, where Killian Dain took out Boa. Boa cuts a promo, but it is not in English.

Cathy Kelly is shown speaking to William Regal, and Regal says that Velveteen Dream will not be able to compete for a while due to the injuries Dream suffered at the hands of the Undisputed Era. Due to this, the scheduled North American Championship Match for next week has changed, and Roderick Strong will face the winner of the Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic match, which Regal says is next, and then we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and we head right into the next match.

#1 Contender Match for the NXT North American Championship Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic

The match begins, and Lee is the clear fan favorite. Dijakovic backs into a corner, and Lee backs into the opposite corner. They run at each other from the corner and from ropes, but neither can shoulder tackle the other to the ground. Lee picks up Dijakovic while holding his hand. Lee is finally able to shoulder tackle Dijakovic after sending him into the ropes, and then splashes onto Dijakovic’s left arm.

Lee continues to target the left arm of Dijakovic, but when Lee gets Dijakovic against the ropes and Lee has to break the hold, Dijakovic kicks Lee in the head and then uses his good arm to clotheslines Lee for a 2 count, and we go to a picture-in-picture commercial.

Lee picks of Dijakovic and goes for a suplex, but Dijakovic fights out of it. Dijakovic hits a huge suplex on Lee, and gets a 1 count. Dijakovic gets in a headlock on Lee, but Lee fights his way back into an upright position, before Dijakovic clubs Lee and he rests against the ropes.

Dijakovic grounds Lee and gets in another headlock, and Lee fights his way out again, and we come back to commercial just as Dijakovic clubs Lee again. Dijakovic hits Lee in the face, but Lee shrugs it off and catches a stray kick from Dijakovic. Lee comes back with lefts and rights of his own and fights Dijakovic into the corner.

Lee throws Dijakovic across the ring, and hits Dijakovic with a huge pounce and follows it up with a pinfall attempt, but Dijakovic kicks out at 2. Lee goes for a ripcord clothesline, but Lee catches him and lifts him up. Dijakovic grabs Lee’s throat and hits the Choke Bomb for a 2 count.

Dijakovic gets Lee in the corner and sits him on the top rope, and Dijakovic follows Lee to the top, setting up for a superplex, but Lee knocks Dijakovic down to the mat, then hits a frogsplash from the middle rope onto Dijakovic’s injured arm. Lee picks up Dijakovic and hits the Spirit Bomb, but Dijakovic rolls out of the ring before he can be pinned.

Lee follows Dijakovic to the outside and picks up Dijakovic, then sends him back into the ring. Lee stalks a downed Dijakovic and gets Dijakovic into a fireman’s carry, but Dijakovic fights out of it with elbows. Dijakovic catches Lee with a huge Cyclone Kick to Lee’s face for a 2 count.

Dijakovic and Lee trade blows, but Dijakovic goes for Feast Your Eyes. Lee holds Dijakovic in a sleeper style hold, then transfers it into a suplex. Lee lays his arm across a downed Dijakovic and Dijakovic just gets his shoulder up before the three count.

Lee goes to the corner and looks like he might try to go for a moonsault, but Dijakovic catches Lee with a kick to the face. Dijakovic gets Lee in an electric chair, and Lee reverses out of it with a poison hurricanrana for a 2 count.

Lee and Dijakovic make it to the top rope again, and Dijakovic goes for a hurricanrana from the top rope, but Lee holds Dijakovic in place. Just as Dijakovic goes for another rana and Lee holds him, Roderick Strong runs into the ring and hits Dijakovic with his belt, ending the match in a DQ.

Winner: No Contest

Roderick Strong celebrates up the ramp, but William Regal comes out angry, saying that, next week, Strong will defend his title against both Lee and Dijakovic in a Triple Threat Match next week.

Pete Dunne is shown backstage, taping his wrists in preparation for his match with Damian Priest.

Matt Riddle is in action next, and we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial, and the Undisputed Era are shown accosting William Regal backstage, but Regal ignores them and walks right past them.

Matt Riddle vs. Bronson Reed

Riddle and Reed fistbump at the beginning of the match, hitting the Final Flash kneestrike onto Reed. Reed is backed into the corner and tries to run out and attack Riddle, but Riddle hits an exploder suplex and a PK on Reed for a 2 count.

Riddle goes for a Broton, but Reed gets up his knees and then hits a senton on Riddle. Reed picks up Riddle and goes for strikes of his own, but Riddle catches Reed with a series of kicks, then hits a Bro to Sleep, a power bomb, and another Final Flash kneestrike for another 2 count.

Riddle goes for a moonsault, but Reed catches Riddle and reverses it into a powerbomb for a 2 count. Riddle gets a sleeper in on Reed. Riddle releases the hold to hit elbow strikes on Reed. Riddle gets Reed in a scoop slam position, then hits Reed with a power slam for a 3 count victory.

Winner: Matt Riddle

After the match, Riddle and Reed fist bump, and Riddle celebrates his victory in the ring as Reed leaves.

Bianca Belair has a video package hyping up herself and saying that she is sick of people like Rhea Ripley thinking they can go past her. She says that she will take on Bianca Belair.

Up next: Tegan Nox returns to action, and we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial break, and Kushida has suffered a hairline fracture in his wrist. Kushida is expected to miss a month of action.

Taynara vs. Tegan Nox

Nox takes down Taynara with a few arm drags, then sweeps her legs out from under her. Nox follows it up with a dropkick for a 2 count. Taynara hits a huge bicycle kick, knocking Nox out of the ring.

Taynara covers Nox for a 2 count, then follows it up with a series of rolling takedowns. Taynara throws Nox into the corner and hits Nox with double knees and a monkey flip for a 1 count.

Nox takes Taynara down with a chokeslam, then hits a running elbow into the corner, following it up with a senton. Nox hits a diving crossbody onto Taynara and then hits the Shiniest Wizard for a 3 count victory.

Winner: Tegan Nox

Cathy Kelly meets Nox at ringside for an interview with Nox about her return. Dakota Kai comes down and hugs Nox, but before Nox can answer Kelly’s question, Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir come down to the ring.

Shayna asks if Tegan wants to throw her name into the hat as well for a title shot, but trash talks her. Tegan says she wants a title shot, but Shayna says that Tegan doesn’t deserve it, and retreats up the ramp with her horsewomen cohorts.

Damian Preist is shown getting ready for his match against Pete Dunne backstage.

A message from Finn Balor is next up, after this commercial break.

Back from commercial, and Balor’s video package plays. He says that he had to retrace his steps to find his heart, and “Next week, my future will become my past.”

Boa vs. Killian Dain

Boa explodes out of the corner, getting the advantage on Dain with his speed. Boa hits a dropkick on Dain, and another kick makes Dain roll out of the ring. Boa chases after Dain outside of the ring, but Dain catches Boa with a crossbody.

Dain hits Boa with a series of elbow drops. Boa takes kicks to the ribs in the corner, and Dain throws Boa hard into the opposite corner, then pins Boa for a 2 count.

Dain grabs Boa by the head, but a knee to the midsection and a snap suplex ground Boa for another 2 count. Dain gets Boa on the ground and and holds Boa’s head, but Boa fights up to a vertical base and hits a series of strikes on Dain, but Dain catches Boa with a lariat.

Dian gets Boa in a fireman’s carry and throws him down, then hits a Vader Bomb on Boa. Dain then follows it up with two more Vader Bombs, and gets Boa in a modified abdominal stretch submission, making Boa tap out.

Winner: Killian Dain

A video package recapping Lio Rush’s championship victory over Drew Gulak plays.

Pete Dunne vs. Damian Preist

Before the match can begin, Killian Dain confronts Pete Dunne at the top of the entrance ramp, and Pete Dunne snaps Dain’s fingers, unconcerned with Dain as he is ushered away to the backstage area.

Dunne stands in the ring awaiting Damian Priest, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Rhea Ripley vs. Bianca Belair is announced for next week, and we are reminded of the Triple Threat North American Championship Match for next week as well.

Back in the ring, and Damian Preist makes his way to the ring, staring down an unimpressed Pete Dunne. Dunne and Priest circle each other and then lock up. Priest takes down Dunne with a huge leaping elbow, then knees and kicks to Dunne’s chest. Dunne hits Preist with a clothesline attempt, then transitions into his small joint manipulation that he is known for.

Priest runs away to the outside of the ring, but Dunne stops follows him out. Priest gets Dunne back in the ring and lays out Dunne with a huge right hand, and we go to a picture-in-picture commercial.

Preist stomps away at Dunne in the corner, then whips him across the ring. Dunne tries to fight back, but a boot to Dunne’s face grounds him. Dunne takes a falcon arrow from Priest, and Preist gets a 2 count. Preist transitions into a surfboard stretch, but Dune works his way to standing.

Dunne hits a spinning bomb onto Priest, knocking Priest dizzy. Preist rolls out ot he apron and catches Dunne with a kick to the race. Preist and Dunne go to the top rope as we come back from commercial. Dunne hits a superplex on Preist, but both men are down.

Preistn and Dunne are back up, and Dunne chops away at Priest. Dunne hits a dropkick to Preist’s knee, then a release snap German suplex and stomps at Priest’s hand. Dunne hits a moonsault to a standing Priest to the outside.

Dunne gets Priest into the ring, Priest attempts to catch Dunne with a corner mount, but Dunne catches Priest and hits him with a high-angle Liger Bomb for a 2 count.

Dunne goes to stomp away at Preist’s head, but Preist kicks back at Dunne. Dunne plays possum and attempts to go for a flying armbar, but Preist reverses it into a pin for 2. Priest throws Dunne into the corner shoulder first, then hits a crucifix powerbomb onto Dunne for a 2 count.

Dunne rolls out of the ring, and Preist hits a somersault senton onto Dunne to the outside, then gets Dunne back into the ring. Preist goes for a suplex, but Dunne lands on his feet and kicks Dunne in the face. Dunne gets on the top rope, then eats a cyclone kick from Preist, followed by a Frankensteiner. Preist hits a huge one-handed slam onto Dunne for a 2 count.

Dunne chops away at Preist, but Preist answers with strikes to Dunne’s face. Preist’s knee strikes, kick,s and clothesline takes out Dunne. Priest went for The Recking, Dunne counters to go for the Bitter End, but Preist escapes. Preist goes for a diving attack from the corner, but Dunne catches Preist with a forearm to the jaw.

Dunne goes for a moonsault, but Preist gets his knees up. Preist goes for a crucifix powerbomb, but Dunne goes for joint manipulation as the two fight into the corner. The ref is caught in the corner and, while she gets out of the corner and readjusts, Preist takes advantage of the distraction and hits Dunne with a low blow kick. Preist follows the low blow up with The Reckoning for a 3 count victory.

Winner: Damian Preist

Damian Preist celebrates on the entrance ramp as NXT goes off the air.

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