Welcome to Ringside News’ results for the third episode of AEW Dynamite.

Tonight’s episode of Dynamite is set to be the biggest yet, thanks to the AEW World Championship bout between Chris Jericho and Darby Allin, and the AEW Women’s Championship match between Riho and Dr. Britt Baker. These are two huge matches that could shake-up AEW, but will more than likely just be great bouts.

Speaking of great matches, we’re always getting another two rounds in the AEW tag team tournament tonight, with Jurassic Express taking on the Lucha Bros, and SCU facing Best Friends. Based on the rundown of the tournament so far, the underdogs may come away with the wins here tonight, but my guesses are SCU and Jurassic Express going through.

The final match announced for tonight’s show is Jon Moxley and PAC taking on Kenny Omega and Hangman Page. Last week, PAC attacked Omega, seemingly inserting himself into the feud between Kenny and Moxley. So tonight we get the first taste of these men going head-to-head, and it should be blistering action.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s AEW Dynamite. You can follow along on the Ringside News app or by following us on Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy the show!

AEW Dynamite

Dynamite opens with Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels making their way to the ring. Halfway down the ramp they’re attacked by The Lucha Bro’s! Ray Fenix drives Kazarian into the ring post, then Pentagon Jr. hits Daniels with a package piledriver on the steel ramp! Fenix is about to do the same to Kazarian when Scorpio Sky comes out and runs them off. Officials come out and help put Daniels on a stretcher. The Bucks come out and see him put on the stretcher as well, while Scorpio Sky agrees to take his place in the match.

SCU Vs. Best Friends

Kazarian starts the match against Chuck Taylor – which flies in the face of logic – and he forces him to the corner with punches. Taylor turns the tables and whips Kazarian back-first into the turnbuckles. Frankie’s back is hurting from the attack.

Trent comes in and Taylor tosses Kazarian at him for a cutter for a two-count. Trent hits a dropkick to the back of Kazarian and Scorpio comes in to make the save. Trent hits Scorpio with a German suplex. Taylor takes the shoe off of Scorpio, then bites his toes! Trent and Taylor turn their attention to Kazarian on the outside and slam him into the apron and the steel barricade.

Scorpio comes over but Chuck hits him with a double foot stomp from the apron. Trent then drops Kazarian with a big spear on the floor. Trent gets Frankie back in the ring and chops him in the corner. Kazarian is set on the top rope and Trent looks for a superplex but Kazarian punches him down, then punches Chuck down on the apron, but Taylor lifts Trent onto his shoulders and they hit Kazarian with an assisted superplex for a two count.

Trent beats on Kazarian in the corner but eats a back elbow. Kazarian makes the tag to Sky after rolling under a clothesline. Sky comes in hot with clotheslines and dropkicks to Trent and Chuck. He hits Taylor with a nice jumping double foot stomp to counter a back body drop. Sky knocks Trent from the ring and looks for a dive but Taylor punches him in mid-air! Taylor then dives over the ropes but Sky moves and he hits Trent! Frankie jumps over the ropes and hits Trent with a hurricanrana on the floor, then Sky comes over the ropes with a tope to Best Friends!

Back in the ring, Sky whips Trent into the turnbuckles, then delivers a spinning back elbow. Kazarian tags in and body slams Trent, followed by a springboard leg drop for a near-fall. Taylor makes a blind tag and helps Trent hit a combination tiger suplex. The Best Friends make to hug but Sky comes in and attacks them. Trent shoves Sky into Taylor, who hits a leaping knee, followed by a knee from Trent and Scorpio rolls from the ring.

Best Friends hug, then hit Kazarian with a Doomsday Knee from the top rope but he kicks out! Trent takes Kazarian to the apron and looks to hit a piledriver but Sky stops it. Scorpio tosses Taylor into the apron, meanwhile Kazarian flips Trent over and he lands on the apron. SCU get Trent into the ring and hit a powerbomb/dropkick combo for the win.

Winners: SCU

SCU progress to Round 2 of the tag team tournament, despite the attack before the match.

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Santana & Ortiz Vs. The Beaver boys

The match begins with John Silver and Santana, with the latter ducking a clothesline and kicking Reynolds off the apron. Silver kicks Santana but he no sells it and drops him with a kick. Santana whips Silver to the corner and delivers a back elbow, then tags Ortiz. They hit a powerbomb and a catapult into a knee. Santana then dives through the ropes to dropkick Reynolds on the outside.

Ortiz bites the ropes, then takes his gloves off. He chops Silver, meanwhile Santana has been attacking Reynolds on the outside. Ortiz makes the tag from a completely illegal position and they hit Street Sweeper for the win.

Winners: Santana & Ortiz

After the match, Chris Jericho appears on the big screen. He says that Santana and Ortiz are street thugs and they’re the best tag team in the world. Jericho says they want to beat The Young Bucks. He says The Young Bucks are one of the best he’s ever seen, but they’re not thugs. He challenges the Bucks to a match at Full Gear on November 9th. That was an annoying promo because the entire time Jericho was talking, Santana was screaming “The Best!” over and over.

We see a video of Cody at home with Brandi. He isn’t paying attention to her, then leaves the house and drives off. There’s clips of people like Brandi, MJF, and DDP saying Cody is incredibly determined and won’t stop until he is AEW Champion. JR says Cody is juggling owning and running a company, while Chris Jericho has nothing to focus on but the match. DDP says there’s something missing with Cody, no matter how much he has accomplished, and MJF says this is everything to Cody and he needs it to prove that him leaving “the other place” wasn’t a mistake. That whole promo was based on Cody Vs. Jericho, which seems silly considering there’s a World title match tonight.

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AEW Women’s Championship Match

(C) Riho Vs. Dr. Britt Baker

The match gets underway and they lock-up with Baker forcing Riho to the ropes. Baker hits Riho with an arm-drag, then again, and the Champion gets frustrated. Riho runs at Baker but gets hit with a snapmare and lands on her feet. Riho hits Baker with an arm-drag but Brit holds on and wrestles Riho to the bottom rope.

Baker takes Riho down and tries to lock-in Lockjaw but Riho fights to the ropes and rolls to the apron. Baker drops her with a forearm but Riho fires back with a right hand and heads up-top. Baker meets her on the middle rope and looks for a superplex but Riho fights her off and hits a crossbody. Britt rolled through for a pin attempt but Riho slid up-and-out before delivering a dropkick.

Baker looks for a scoop slam but Riho floats over and hits a roll-up and a double foot stomp. Riho hits a running knee in the corner, followed by a snap suplex. Riho heads to the top rope and looks for a double stomp but Riho dodges it and hits a slingblade. Baker lifts Riho up and hits a spin-out stunner, followed by a single leg dropkick for a near-fall.

Riho looks for a few pin attempts but Baker kicks out and counters an inside cradle with a swinging neckbreaker. Baker connects with a superkick for a near-fall. Riho hits a suplex for a two-count, followed by a single leg Boston crab. Baker considers tapping but crawls to the bottom rope. Right away, Riho heads up-top and hits a double foot stomp to the back but Baker kicks out!

Riho hits a running double knee strike for a two-count, then looks to hit it again but Baker dodges and hits a ripcord elbow, followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Baker applies Lockjaw and pulls Riho’s hair to get her hand in her mouth, but Riho rolls over and pins her to retain!

Winner: Riho

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The announcers say that Christopher Daniels suffered a stinger earlier tonight and should be fine.

Another first-round match-up takes place next, with Jurassic Express, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt, making their entrance. Luchasauras can’t compete as he’s injured. We see Private Party at ringside, scoping out the competition. The Lucha Bro’s are out next, dressed like Samurai.

The Lucha Bros Vs. Jurassic Express

Marko Stunt begins the match with Pentagon Jr. The fans chant for Luchasauras as Pentago shoves Stunt, who shoves him right back, then does the Fortnite dance. They continue taunting each other, but then Marko bites the fingers of Pentagon. Junior tries to throw Stunt but Jungle Bot comes in and gets him on his shoulders. He hits Pentagon with a hurricanrana, but Fenix comes in with a superkick to Jungle Boy.

Stunt hits Pentagon with a tilt-a-whirl and gets launched off to hit Fenix with a DDT. Jungle Boy knocks Fenix from the ring and they dive onto him. Back in the ring, Jurassic Express double-teams Pentagon, with Jungle Boy hitting a German suplex for a two-count. Stunt is tagged and he runs at Pentagon but gets dropped with a superkick, then one for Jungle Boy as well.

Fenix runs in but Jungle Boy kicks him. Fenix sets Stunt on the top rope and hits a springboard arm-drag to Jungle Boy, while kicking Stung on the top rope at the same time. Pentagon assists Fenix hitting a springboard clothesline to Jungle Boy. Meanwhile, in the ring, Pentagon hits Marko with a pumphandle driver for a near-fall!

Pentagon kicks the leg of Stunt out from under him and taunts before doing it again. We get a split-screen commercial, during which Pentagon continues to assault Marko Stunt with chops, while Jungle Boy gets beaten by Ray on the outside.

Pentagon lifts Stunt above his head in a military press and holds him for a while, even with one hand! He eventually tosses him off and Fenix superkicks him in mid-air. Fenix taunts Stunt in the corner but then he slaps Junior and hits a leg lariat. Stunt tags Jungle Boy, who hits Pentagon with a tilt-a-whirl DDT, followed by a reverse body slam to Fenix. Stunt divers through the ropes onto Pentagon, while Jungle Boy hits a backflip knee stomp to Fenix. Stunt heads up-top and hits a 450, followed by a running shooting star press from Jungle Boy.

Fenix hits Jungle Boy with a Candian Destroyer, then swings Stunt around by the hair like a doll. Pentagon does the armbreaker to Stunt, then he and Fenix hit an assisted package piledriver. Pentagon pins for the win while Fenix hits a suicide dive to Jungle Boy on the outside.

Winners: The Lucha Bros

We get an advert for AEW’s Full Gear PPV on November 9th. Up next however, our fourth tag team match of the night.

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Jon Moxley & PAC Vs. Kenny Omega & ‘hangman’ Adam Page

As the bell rings, Omega attacks Moxley. Hangman attacks PAC and knocks him from the ring. Moxley turns the tables on Kenny and chops him in the corner, meanwhile Page is tossing PAC around on the oustide. Moxley bounces out of the corner with a clotheslines to Omega and delivers some ground and pound.

Hangman kicks Moxley off, then PAC tags himself in and hits Page with an enziguiri. PAC flips over Kenny in the corner but gets him with a leaping bulldog. PAC pulls the hair of Omega and Moxley tags himself in. Jon chokes Kenny in the corner with his boot, then hits a running clothesline. Omega fires back with some chops but gets dropped with a kitchen sink knee. Page tags in and drops PAC on the apron with a clothesline, kicks Moxley, then dives over the ropes with a crossbody to PAC.

Hangman heads up-top and hits a clothesline to Page. He looks for Dead Eye but Moxley grabs the ropes and climbs to the apron. Page kicks him off the apron, then heads up-top. PAC argues with Page, allowing Moxley to shove him off and Page lands hard on the ring apron!

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Back live and Moxley has Page in a Cloverleaf submission. Omega runs in and attacks Moxley, prompting PAC to come in and knock Kenny from the ring. Page looks for the Buckshot Lariat but Moxley ducks it. Page connects with a couple of lariats in a row.

Tags are made to PAC and Omega, with both men exchanging offence.  Omega hits a fireman’s carry slam and a moonsault for a near-fall. Moxley runs in but Kenny hits him with a snap dragon suplex, then one to PAC, and a second to Moxley. Omega hits the ropes and dives over onto PAC on the floor.  Moxley then takes out both men with a suicide dive, followed by a moonsault to the heels from Page.

Omega gets PAC back in the ring and tags Page. They hit PAC with a back elbow and a lariat, followed by a buckle bomb into a discus forearm, a spinebuster powerbomb, and a standing shooting star press. Moxley breaks up the pin attempt but eats a V-Trigger. PAC takes-out Kenny with a cutter over the ropes, but then Page knocks him from the ring. Page hits a suicide dive, meanwhile Moxley and Omega come face-to-face. They exchange shots at a rapid pace, including knees and lariats until both men are down.

Omega goes under the ring and pulls out the mop covered in barbed wire, while Moxley grabs his barbed wire bat. The referee just leaves the ring. Kenny swings for Moxley but he ducks and hits him with the bat. PAC then comes in and takes the bat away – despite Moxley having already used it. Moxley and PAC argue until Jon gives him the fingers and hits the double-arm DDT. PAC stumbles to his feet and gets hit with the Buckshot Lariat, followed by the V-Trigger, and Dead Eye.

Winners: Kenny Omega & Adam Page

The main event Championship match is after the break!

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Darby Allin makes his way to the ring first. We find out that next week, PAC goes one-on-one with Jon Moxley! The AEW World Champion, Chris Jericho, makes his way to the ring.

AEW World Championship

Philadelphia Street Fight Match

(C) Chris Jericho Vs. Darby Allin

The match gets underway and Allin takes the fight to Jericho right away. They botch a spot but Jericho gets knocked from the ring. Alli hits Chris with a basement suicide dive.

Allin gets Jericho back inside but gets kicked in the gut. Jericho chops Allin in the corner, then hits a corner clothesline. Allin reverses a back suplex and delivers some wild punches, followed by a sunset bomb for a two-count. Jericho turns Allin inside out with a clothesline to regain some momentum. Jericho slaps the head of Darby and forearms his back, before tossing him into the ring-post back-first and he falls to the floor!

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Jericho is beating Darby with a Kendo stick. Le Champion heads to the middle rope and tries to land another Kendo shot but Allin dodges it and attacks. Allin gets Jericho down with a crucifix pin but he kicks out.

Allin grabs the Kendo stick and cracks Jericho over the head, then the ribs. Allin hits Jericho with a springboard splash for a two-count. Darby looks for the Fujiwara Armbar but Jericho rolls around and gets him in the Walls of Jericho but Darby immediately grabs the ropes. Jericho doesn’t release the hold, instead sits down and holds on until 4.

Allin hits Jericho with the Kendo stick again in the head and Allin hits a springboard crossbody for a two-count. Jericho hits a Codebreaker out of nowhere but Darby grabs the rope. Both men are bleeding a little. Chris heads out and grabs a chair from under the ring. He hits Allin the gut, then over the back before propping the chair between the turnbuckles.

Jericho looks to lawn-dart Allin into the chair but Darby counters into a stunner for a near-fall. Jericho slams Darby and locks-in the Liontamer but again Allin reaches the ropes. Jericho gets frustrated and grabs a roll of tape from under the ring. Jericho hog-ties Allins arms behind his back, then tosses him around the ring. The announcers discuss if the referee should stop the match.

Jericho whips Allin into the corner but Darby ducks the clothesline and hits a springboard moonsault! Allin dropkicks Jericho from the ring, then hits a front flip through the middle rope! Allin climbs to the top rope and hits a twisting dive onto Le Champion for another near-fall. Darby kicks Jericho a few times but gets dropped with a clothesline.

Jericho grabs the skateboard Allin brought to the ring, then powerbombs him onto it! Jericho pins but again Allin kicks out. Jericho grabs the chair and swings but Allin dodges it and dropkicks him. Allin heads up top for the Coffin Drop but Jake Hager comes out and shoves Allin off the ropes. Jericho applies the Liontamer and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Jericho is joined by Hager, Santana, Ortiz, and Sammy Guevara. The Inner Circle drink some bubbly as the show comes to a close.

And that’s it for AEW Dynamite. Let us know what you thought in the comments, and come back tomorrow for more wrestling news. Until then, safe travels!

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