Becky Lynch Comments On Seth Rollins & Bray Wyatt’s Hell In A Cell Finish

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Becky Lynch knows Seth Rollins pretty well, but she really didn’t defend the ending to his Hell In A Cell much when given the chance.

Forbes recently spoke to The Man where she was asked to comment on the match’s finish. Instead of defending the finish’s logic, Lynch said it’s tough to be a pro wrestling fan and the Superstars feel their pain.

“It’s hard being a wrestling fan sometimes. We’re all just going out there doing our best to entertain you guys. We care about you guys. We want you to enjoy yourselves and it hurts when you don’t like it. We feel your pain. We’re all in this together. I’ll do all I can. Just tune into my Twitter. I’ll be entertaining there.”

Roman Reigns also commented on the finish at Hell In A Cell and he didn’t like it either. It’s not everyday when Superstars can so freely discuss a subject like this, but it’s not every day when WWE books a finish so controversial that it makes headlines for days.

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