Bayley’s New WWE Heel Ring Entrance Revealed

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Bayley turned heel in a big way last week and it shocked a ton of fans (and emotionally scarred some children) when she slashed up her Bayley Buddies. Now she has a new entrance.

At WWE’s house show in Odessa Texas, Bayley debuted her new heel ring entrance. As you can see, there were no tubemen in sight.

Her entrance starts as usual so people know it’s Bayley. Then the music fades and the lights go out before much heavier music starts.

If you were paying attention on WWE SmackDown this week, they actually played her new music after her title win. It is interesting how they had no video package to go with her entrance yet. Perhaps that will come later.

You can check out the videos below. It looks like WWE really went all out to make sure they’re killing the old Bayley.

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