Note About Finn Balor’s Pay In WWE NXT

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Finn Balor surprised a lot of fans when he arrived back in NXT last week. Now he looks to be in a top spot, but that’s a good place for him to be in.

A lot of fans were wondering what is going on with Finn Balor’s pay now that he’s back in NXT. Apparently, it’s not changing.

PW Insider reports that Finn Balor’s pay will remain the same meaning he will be getting the same amount as he would if he was on Raw or SmackDown. That is not a bad trade off to work a lighter schedule.

We’ll have to see how long it takes Finn Balor to make it back into an NXT Title match. It makes sense that they would want to use him as often as possible because they’re definitely paying enough to keep him in NXT.

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