WWE 2K20 Reveals ‘MyCareer Mode’ Trailer

WWE 2K20 is coming out on October 22nd on practically every console except for Nintendo Switch because they learned their lesson with WWE 2K18.

MyCareer mode is coming back and fans are excited to see what it will be like. Players will be able to decide on a male or female path to WWE Superstar status and follow them through their career.

Up Up Down Down got the exclusive WWE 2K20 MyCareer trailer and it looks like there is a lot of story to tell.

The male and female Superstars will travel through the WWE Universe and go through a lot. It appears that The Undertaker will take them to Hell and Woken Matt Hardy will take players on the Lake Of Reincarnation as well.

Needless to say, this MyCareer mode looks like a star studded feature in WWE 2K20 featuring plenty of authentic voice acting as well as a lot of twists and turns.

You can check out the complete trailer below.