Cain Velasquez made his WWE debut on the FOX premiere of Friday Night SmackDown. It was pretty hard to ignore a big knee brace on the former UFC Heavyweight Champion’s leg.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Cain Velasquez needs knee surgery. This means his WrestleMania plans could be up in the air depending on how much his knee needs fixed up.

“They could do Cain [at WrestleMania vs Brock Lesnar] you know do a one and one, Cain gets the surgery and comes back, but if Cain gets the surgery I’m not sure he’s back — if he gets full reconstructive surgery on that knee… let’s say he gets it in November, he’s missing Mania for sure, not even a chance. Maybe he can get minor surgery and be back… maybe.”

Cain Velasquez might only be coming into WWE for one Saudi Arabia match if he needs surgery. It could put him out of commission for enough time that WWE will simply have to figure out something else to do.


At this point, it seems to be a waiting game and a lot of it depends on how major of a surgery Cain Velasquez needs to undergo.

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