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Last night was WWE’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view and what a night it is to fill in for Curtis. Let’s see what WWE will have on tonight’s show that won’t cause their fans to chant “refund,” “bullsh*t,” and “AEW.”

As of this writing, WWE still has no RAW preview. This means we don’t know anything except for what they’ve already announced. Vince McMahon’s office probably isn’t the calmest place to be right about now. If/when they update their website before the show starts I’ll add to this introduction.

Tyson Fury has an open invitation for a live microphone on RAW. He has taken WWE up on that offer so it’s likely to end with Braun Strowman and a date set for October 31st at WWE Crown Jewel.

We also have a last woman standing match between Natalya and Lacey Evans. Apparently, this will be the conclusion of their feud that was supposed to end weeks ago.

We will also see what’s next for Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt. Odds are the Firefly Fun House isn’t too thrilled about how things ended at Hell In A Cell.

Let’s also not forget how Lana was kissing Bobby Lashley to close out last week’s show. Hopefully, WWE will expand on that story as well.

Anything can happen in WWE and we will kick things off at 8:00 PM EST when everything starts.

Update: WWE finally put up a RAW preview:

  • Tyson Fury will step up to the mic
  • Natalya and Lacey Evans to battle in Last Woman Standing Match
  • Team Hogan’s Rusev to battle Team Flair’s Orton in Raw opener
  • “Miz TV” with special guests Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair
  • The Kabuki Warriors to face Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair in a Champions Showcase
  • Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler to battle The Viking Raiders

Rusev vs Randy Orton

Orton and King Corbin were beating Rusev down before the show started. They left and then Bobby Lashley showed up on the screen saying that Rusev doesn’t look comfortable, but he does. Lashley was wearing Rusev’s robe saying that he’s in Rusev’s room and looking at Rusev’s bed.

Then Lashley took off the robe and got in Rusev’s bed. He asked “what are we missing here” and then Lana got in the bed too. Then Lana said everything they own is in her name, even the checking account. Now instead of Rusev having any money… he has none. Lana said Rusev isn’t having fun, but she is. Then Lashley said “no, we are.” So Lana took off her bra and got back into bed with Bobby Lashley.

This was all happening at 8:06.

It’s a good thing that Rusev is on Team Hogan because The Hulkster can relate to a woman taking all of his money.

Rusev then took out his frustrations on Randy Orton and Baron Corbin. He absolutely destroyed them both at ringside. Corbin took bumps off the stair and Orton took a fallaway slam into the barricade. Then Rusev picked up the stairs and nailed them both. Rusev lost it as he grabbed Orton and screamed: “Are you laughing at me?” he smashed Orton against the post and said, “laugh now!”

Then he hit Corbin with a Machka Kick followed by one for Orton too. This match may not happen.

Rusev tore up some more ringsteps before leaving.

Lacey Evans vs Natalya – Last Lady Standing Match

Nattie took the fight to Lacey quickly and they soon ended up outside of the ring where she hit a backdrop on Evans. Nattie slapped her in the face and hit a suplex on the outside before kicking Lacey Evans in the stomach.

They moved back to the ring and Nattie hit a clothesline before locking in a Sharpshooter. Evans got out of the hold and slammed Nattie’s head against the mat.

Nattie got up at 8 seconds and started kicking Lacey before trying for a baseball slide on the outside, but Evans grabbed her and slammed Nattie against the barricade. Nattie got back up at 8 again.

Lacey Evans started to get a table out, but put it back to get heat from the crowd. That was genius, but it didn’t help her much.

When we came back from commercial, Evans threw Nattie into the timekeeper’s area before nailing her with a kendo stick. Nattie got up at 9. Lacey immediately threw Nattie against the ring post to start another count. Nattie got up at 9 again.

Then Evans pinned Nattie in a desk chair with a kendo stick and then she kicked the chair over. Natalya was able to get up and she hit Lacey, but it was reversed into another kendo stick shot.

They moved to the other side of the ring and Evans hit a neckbreaker, but Nattie got up. Then Lacey Evans nailed Nattie with a garbage can before Evans hit a moonsault off the barricade.

Nattie got back up so Evans nailed a suplex on the ramp. Lacey tossed Nattie against the new RAW set and then suplexed her on the announce table, but it did not break.

Nattie took another bump off the set and then she revered a suplex on Evans before hitting a powerbomb off the stage and through a table at ringside. That did it.

Winner: Natalya

Aleister Black was shown on the screen where he cut a promo about RAW. It looks like he’ll be looking for battles on RAW now? Well, that is new before the draft.

The Street Profits cut a promo about the draft.

Viking Warriors vs Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode – Non Title Match

These two teams started out and the Viking Raiders soon had control of the match. Dolph took a beating and then he tagged in Robert Roode.

Erik took the tag and he dominated Roode before hitting a knee that drove him out of the ring. Ziggler tried to call “time out,” but those don’t exist in pro wrestling.

Roode went back in and he was clotheslined out again.

When we came back from commercial, Roode and Ziggler had control over Erik as he took a bump into the barricade. Then Roode mounted him to deliver some punches.

Ziggler and Roode wishboned Erik’s legs before Ziggler latched on a submission hold. Ivar almost go the tag, but Roode hit a suplex and kept him away.

Erik avoided a splash from Ziggler and he took out Roode with a tackle before tagging in Ivar who came in and cleaned house for a bit.

Ziggler nailed a Fameasser before The Viking Raiders hit a double team move on Ziggler. The RAW Tag Team Champions were sent out of the ring, Ziggler tried to win with a roll-up after Erik misses a double knees in the corner.

Erik avoided a Glorious DDT. Then Ziggler took the tag and ate a Viking Experience for the loss.

Winners: Viking Raiders

Aleister Black said he’s just coming to the ring to look for a fight.

Aleister Black vs Singh Brother – Handicap Match

The Singh Brothers came out and said that WWE Showcase is the perfect place to appear. Then they said they wanted to pick a fight with Aleister Black.

So, Aleister Black came down.

Aleister Black took out one Singh Brother with Black Mass and took the other out with a kick and a jumping knee.This handicap match went Black’s way once again as Black nailed Black Mass again and then he locked on a sudden submission for the win.

Winner: Aleister Black

Braun Strowman was asked about Tyson Fury by Charly Caruso. He was just trying to have fun at SmackDown. If Tyson Fury wants an apology he might get one, or he might get those hands.

Rey Mysterio cut a promo and said that his son is okay, but he’s in a sling. He said in a way, he’s never been prouder of his son after getting the crap kicked out of him by Brock Lesnar. Then he called Lesnar a “disgusting bully” and he felt helpless last week. He felt as if he let his son and family down. He said Cain Velasquez — Dominick’s godfather — visited them in the hospital. If anyone’s gonna beat Lesnar, it’s Velasquez.

The OC vs Lucha House Party

These two teams fought through one commercial break and then the OC took control. Anderson backed Lince Dorado into the corner and kept hammering away on him.

They went to to top rope and then Lince knocked him down and hit a high cross body block.

Styles took the tag and then Kalisto did as well. Kalisto moved very fast and hit a rana on AJ, but the pin was broken up. Then Gallows went outside and AJ nailed a Pele Kick before he hit a Phenomenal Forearm for the win.

Winners: The OC

After the match was over, the OC ganged up against Lince Dorado and hit a Magic Killer. Then AJ Styles set Dorado up for an avalanche Styles Clash which he nailed from the second rope.

Miz TV

Charlotte Flair was introduced followed by Becky Lynch.

Becky hyped her accomplishments and so did Charlotte Flair. The Miz brought up The Draft and said that it could change everything. They are both champions and the draft could call them both to the same side.

Their match against The Kabuki Warriors was brought up and The Man put Asuka over by saying she beat her once, and that’s a wrong she wants to correct tonight. Lynch said she made Charlotte’s belt famous and Flair said she made her famous.

Flair bragged about holding the title ten times. Lynch said “your wins might be plentiful, but mind are meaningful.” Then Asuka and Sane came out and Asuka cut a promo in Japanese. They both really seemed to enjoy this.

Then The Kabuki Warriors rushed the ring and they brawled on the Miz TV set.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair vs Kabuki Warriors

Lynch took a bunch of punishment from the Kabuki Warriors, but The Man kept kicking out.

Flair took the tag next and lit up Asuka with some chops. Then she hit one more and a suplex. She hit Natural Selection, but Asuka rolled out of the ring.

Then Flair nailed a moonsault to the outside on both Asuka and Sane. They returned to the ring and Flair threw Sane before diving onto Asuka on the floor, but Asuka caught her with a forearm.

Flair and Sane continued to battle through the commercial and Flair caught Sane off the top rope and tossed her to the side. Flair tagged in Lynch who ran in and roughed up Sane before hitting a Becksploder on Asuka. Then Lynch climbed to the top rope and hit a missile dropkick on Asuka.

Sane took Lynch down with a backelbow and set Lynch up for the elbow, but The Man came alive and hit a legdrop from the second rope.

Lynch got the Armbar on Sane, but Asuka spit the green mist on her to get the win.

Winners: Kabuki Warriors

After the match, Flair tried to take them both on, but The Kabuki Warriors beat her down. Then Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross ran down for the save.

Apollo Crews vs Ricochet

Apollo Crews and Ricochet had a little match until Ricochet won.

Winner: Ricochet

Tyson Fury

Jerry Lawler introduced Tyson Fury to the ring. He said that he was minding his own business at SmackDown and he demands an apology from Braun Strowman.

Then Strowman came out and said he was messing around until he saw the way Fury looked at him like he wanted a piece of “this.” Strowman said he will literally eat Fury to lunch.

Fury said it’s a good thing security took him away because he would have knocked him out. Strowman took a shot at Fury’s fight with Wilder and then Fury took a shot at the fact that he hasn’t won a title.

Fury shoved Braun and then Strowman backed Fury into the corner before security jumped in the ring and they did a massive pull apart because that’s what WWE does best.

Fury and Strowman took out all of the security guards around them and then the WWE locker room emptied to separate them. Strowman broke free and they had to pull him away again.

Tyson Fury wanted to fight and suggested they do it right now. Unfortunately, there was only one minute left of the show. So, they did another pull apart.

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