Backstage Note On Finn Balor’s NXT Return

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Finn Balor shocked the entire WWE Universe when he arrived at Full Sail Arena last night and announced that he is NXT once again. Since he won’t have to pay for his own travel and hotel to make so many road dates with the WWE main roster, that means he has a very good deal.

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During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed Finn Balor’s big NXT surprise. He’s now a part of NXT once again and not on the “main roster.” This might mean slightly less exposure, but the pay checks will go a lot further.

“So Balor’s there so it’s like he’s not gonna be on RAW or SmackDown. I don’t think they’re gonna change his contract and lower it, so I’m sure he is [making great money]. So here’s the other thing too, it’s like he’s gonna be working a way easier schedule for the same money so for him, f*ck yeah.”

It was noted that they don’t know exactly how much Finn Balor is making, but it was projected that he is making about 4x the amount of any other NXT Superstar contract. Finn Balor certainly got a deal out of this one that is too sweet.

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