What The Rock Will Do On FOX WWE Friday Night SmackDown

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The Rock is showing up on WWE television once again this week as FOX debuts Friday Night SmackDown. There are a lot of things that The Rock could do and BetOnline has odds for four specific actions that The Great One might pull off.

When it comes to whether The Rock will say “Jabroni” it looks like those who bet for “yes” are at +225 and those who don’t think Dwayne Johnson will say it are sitting at -350.

There is a lot more that The Rock can do as well such as book himself in a future match. For those who think that it will happen, they’re placing bets at +200 and those who don’t think he will announce a match are placing bets at -300.

The Rock doesn’t have to announce himself in a match to pop the crowd. He has a couple of iconic moves as well. It is more likely that he’ll hit a Rock Bottom as those odds are at “yes” with +120 and “no” at -160. The People’s Elbow is currently sitting at -200 for “yes” and +200 for “no.”

We’ll just have to see who wins money off of The Rock’s appearance. It should be noted that to win money, The Rock needs to do whatever you’re betting on within the October 4th Friday Night SmackDown episode. So, a dark match segment won’t count.

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