All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite Gets New Schedule In The UK After Fan Backlash

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All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite will air live tonight for America and in Canada. Those fans will get to watch the show live, but Fite TV is available for all other fans who want to watch the action as it happens as well.

Fans in the United Kingdom weren’t very happy about the original air date that ITV gave them for AEW. They did not like waiting four days and their voices were heard. Now ITV has changed things around due to this huge fan demand.

ITV revealed a new schedule for AEW: Dynamite. Now ITV will air the full All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite program at 7:00 PM on October 3rd. This is still a one-day delay, but it beats having to wait four days.

The new episode will also be shown on ITV4 at 11:20 PM on Fridays and 8:20 AM on Sundays. AEW will also get a one-hour highlight show on Monday October 7th at 11:45 PM on ITV.

We’ll have to wait and see if the replays and highlight shows remain on the schedule, but this is certainly a good sign.

It looks like the fan demand really changed something in this instance. Hopefully, this will help out those fans who didn’t spring for Fite TV’s AEW premium channel, but $4.99 is still a very reasonable amount to ask for a month’s worth of live programming.

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