Welcome to Ringside News’ WWE Raw Results for September 23rd, 2019.

The main event for tonight’s Raw is a Fatal 5-Way to determine who will challenge Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship next week on Raw. This match features Ricochet, AJ Styles, Rey Mysterio, Robert Roode, and Shinsuke Nakamura. This is an odd development when Bray is suppose to face Seth at Hell In A Cell, it seems like a random ploy to grab ratings for a week. Regardless, this should be a fun match.

Speaking of Bray Wyatt, we’re also being teased a new episode of Firefly Fun House. Last week we got quite a lot of Firefly Fun House, so tonight should be the same. We can probably expect Seth Rollins to react to being intimidated last week.

Also tonight, we’re going to see Nikki Cross Vs. Sasha Banks, and a rematch between Baron Corbin and Chad Gable. That’s all been announced so far for tonight’s show, but it should be a fun one. Remember to follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and download the Ringside News app. Enjoy the show!



Monday Night Raw opens with a recap of last week’s Raw, when The Fiend attacked Kane and intimidated Seth Rollins. The intro graphic to Raw was warped like the Firefly Funhouse segments.

The WWE Universal Champion, Seth Rollins, makes his way to the ring. Seth says he has done and seen a lot in the last seven years but he’s never felt what he did last week when The Fiend stared at him. He calls Bray the living nightmare and says he couldn’t do anything but close his eyes and hope it was a bad dream. But it’s not.

In two weeks he has to step inside Hell In A Cell and defend his Universal Championship against The Fiend. He says we all know that match shortens careers but against Bray Wyatt it’s even worse. So what does he do? He does what he always does; survival and prevail. Seth says he did it against Brock Lesnar and against Braun Strowman and he will do just that at Hell In A Cell.

Braun Strowman stomps to the ring and stares at Rollins. The arena chants “get these hands”. Braun says if Seth has something to say he can say it to his face. Because unlike Bray Wyatt, he doesn’t pretend to be Mr. Rogers. Seth starts to talk but Braun cuts him off. He says last week Seth says he hoped Bray didn’t get a rematch, but Seth denies it. Rollins says he has a lot on his plate but the way Braun came out here, he’d happily face him tonight. Braun agrees to the match and says that tonight Seth gets his hands.

Still to come, Nikki Cross Vs. Sasha Banks, Chad Gable Vs. Baron Corbin, and a Fatal 5-Way to determine the number one contender to Seth Rollins. The Viking Raiders make their way to the ring.

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The Viking Raiders Vs. The O.C. W/AJ Styles

The match begins with Anderson and Erik. The Viking clobbers Anderson and slams him down before tagging Ivar, who body slams Anderson. Tag made to Erik, who body slams Ivar onto Anderson.

Anderson rams Erik into the corner and tags Gallows. Luke drops Erik and delivers multiple elbows. Erik makes the tag to Ivar, who hits a sidewalk slam. Gallows tries to whip Ivar to the corner but he flips over and onto the apron. AJ holds the foot of Ivar, allowing Gallows to kick him off the apron. The referee caught the distraction and ejects Styles from the match. On his way up the ramp however, Cedric Alexander runs out and attacks AJ, chasing him to the back.

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We come back to see Anderson stomping Ivar in the corner. Gallows tags in and clubs him in the gut. Ivar elbows Anderson off the apron, hits Gallows with a senton, then tags Erik.

Erik comes in hot and takes-out Gallows, before hitting the now-legal Anderson with a flip then knee to the face. Ivar tags in and Erik throws him into Anderson in the corner. Erik tags in again and Ivar looks to hit a springboard but Gallows pulls the top rope down and he flies to the outside.

Anderson uses the distraction to hit a spinebuster. Gallows tags in and they hit Erik with a Boot of Doom for a near-fall. They look for the Magic Killer but Erik kicks Anderson away and tags Ivar. They hit Anderson with the Viking Experience and Ivar pins him while Erik hits a suicide dive to Gallows on the outside.

Winners: The Viking Experience

Robert Roode is walking backstage when Charly Caruso stops him and asks about his chances in tonight’s main event. Roode says he’s already pinned Seth Rollins, so he should get a shot already. But the results tonight are going to be similarly glorious.

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Michael Cole is sitting down with Becky Lynch backstage. He asks Becky about choosing the Hell In A Cell stipulation. Becky says she wants the best Sasha Banks she can find. She says she left the SmackDown women’s division better than ever before WrestleMania, but when she came to Raw it was in tatters following Ronda Rousey. She can’t make history alone, so she wants the best Sasha Banks. Cole asks if Becky chose the stipulation to keep Bayley out but she says no, it’s to keep Banks inside. Becky says that we saw how Sasha ran through the crowd at Clash of Champions, well she won’t be able to at Hell In A Cell. Finally, Cole asks about Sasha introducing the steel chair, and Lynch says that was done to take her out of the game. She says Banks doesn’t want a fair fight, but that’s what it will be in two weeks.

Rusev Vs. EC3

The match begins and EC3 runs to attack Rusev. EC3 lays in a few shots and rams him into corner. Rusev misses a clothesline but then catches EC3 and hits a spinout slam. Rusev hits EC3 with a deadlift suplex, then another. Rusev hits the Matcha Kick and applies The Accolade and EC3 taps.

Winner: Rusev

Rey Mysterio cuts a promo backstage and says he was experiencing a series of doubt, but thankfull he didn’t retire. And tonight he gets an opportunity to face Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship. He says he knows his son Dominic is watching and tonight’s match is dedicated to him.

Sasha Banks and Bayley make their way to the ring. Banks will be facing Nikki Cross after the break.

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Sasha Banks W/Bayley Vs. Nikki Cross /Alexa Bliss

The match begins and Banks slides between the ropes to force the referee to stop Cross. Banks then puts Cross in the corner and does Alexa’s running slap and mocks her. Cross turns the tables and attacks Banks, who rolls from the ring to regroup with Bayley.

Back inside the ring, Cross catches Banks with an roll-up for a two-count. Cross applies an armbar to Banks, but Sasha gets out and leaves the ring again. Cross gets out of the ring and jumps on Banks’ back, so Sasha falls backwards to get her off. Both women are down.

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We’re back live and Sasha has Nikki in a submission. Cross fights out but Banks hits her with a headscissors. Banks sends her to the corner but Cross elbows her back. Banks runs but Cross moves and she hits the turnbuckles. Cross follows-up with a pair of clotheslines, an avalanche and a bulldog for a near-fall.

Banks hits double knees in the corner for a two count. Banks applies a leg submission but Nikki gets out and slams Banks into the corner. Sasha rolls to the outside but Cross hits her with a baseball slide followed by a cross-body from the to the floor. Bayley checks on Banks at ringside.

Cross gets Banks back in the ring and knees her in the face, then hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Banks fires back by dropkicking her in the head for a near-fall. Banks hits a low dropkick to the ribs, and Cross rolls out of the ring.

Banks goes for a baseball slide, but Cross lifts the apron and traps her. Cross delivers forearms to Banks before getting her in the ring. Cross gets in the ring and gets on the second rope. Cross goes for a tornado DDT, but Banks throws her off. Cross counters a backstabber into a neckbreaker. Bayley distracts the referee from making the pin.

Alexa Bliss attacks Bayley on the outside and tosses her into the timekeeper area. Cross goes to the top rope and connects with a cross-body but Banks rolls through and applies the Bank Statement for the submission.

Winner: Sasha banks

As soon as the match ends, Sasha pulls Bliss into the ring and gets her in the Bank Statement as well. She releases and kicks Alexa from the ring.

The O.C. are arguing backstage. AJ asks when people like Cedric Alexander are going to learn they’re not on his level? Gallows agrees and says everyone in the main event will find out.

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We’re back live and The Street Profits are standing together. They run down the card as usual getting hyped. The Miz walks up and announces that Maryse gave birth to a second baby and, unlike Maria, they know who the daddy is. He announces that next week he will be hosting Miz TV with Hulk Hogan – and the fans boo.

Lacey Evans makes her way to the ring for a match after the break.

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Lacey Evans Vs. Ember Moon

Lacey Evans wipes herself down with her handkerchief before throwing it at Ember. dropkicks her for a two count. Moon soon catches her with a springboard cross-body block for a two count. A slow motion replay shows Moon’s dropkick hit Evans in the throat. Evans quickly takes Moon down and dropkicks her out of the ring.

Evans gets Moon in the ring and controls the pace. Moon makes a comeback and dropkicks her. Ember forearms her but Evans sweeps the legs. Moon rolls to the apron. Evans goes to grab her from the floor but Moon gives her the Eclipse on the floor!

Moon gets Evans back in the ring and gets a near-fall. Moon goes to the top rope but Evans pulls her by the hair. Evans then drops her with a Woman’s Right that knocks her to the canvas. Rather than pin however, Evans applies a Sharpshooter. Evans almost screwed-up the Sharpshooter but got back into position and Moon tapped.

Winner: Lacey Evans

Natalya is interviewed backstage and asked how she feels about Lacey Evans taking her Sharpshooter. To which Natalya says imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Evans hasn’t mastered the Sharpshooter yet. If she wants a match against her, Evans better be prepared to tap out.

It’s time for the Firefly Fun House. Bray hangs-up a picture of Kane, then a blank frame, and says there is always room for one more. Ramblin’ Rabbit and Huskus are fighting with a Seth Rollins action figure. He asks them what it’s all about and says they’re supposed to be best friends. They say they both love Seth Rollins and Bray says loving something too much is bad, you get negative feelings like neglect and disappointment. He knows what it’s like to be abandoned by those you love the most. Ramblin’ Rabbit says they don’t want The Fiend to hurt Seth Rollins and Bray says he might protect Seth. He says The Fiend doesn’t like to share but maybe they can. He then rips the Rollins figure in half and says sharing is caring. He then gets serious and stares into the camera before finishing with “see you in hell”.

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We’re back live and R-Truth runs down to the ring with Carmella. They look around until the jobbers come running down to the ring. They surround Truth and Carmella. She gets the microphone and says she can’t take it anymore. She says she can’t let her guard down, she can’t eat or sleep. Truth hugs her and she rolls him up! Carmella is the 24/7 Champion! Carmella celebrates with the title and Truth looks at her, then lifts her hand up and cheers. A bunch of female jobbers come running down and Truth runs away with Carmella.

Sasha Banks and Bayley are standing backstage talking about the match earlier. Banks says Becky Lynch keeps rambling on about her, but all she cares about is winning back her title. After Hell In A Cell, she’s going to be the last woman left standing.

King Corbin makes his way to the ring and looks arrogant as he poses.

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Corbin cuts a promo before the match and says he needs time to prepare, taking off his crown, etc.

Chad Gable Vs. King Corbin

The bell rings and they circle each other before Gable punches the King. Corbin smiles before shoving him to the corner, but Gable gets out and punches Corbin a few times before backing up. Gable looks for a German Suplex but Corbin fights it.

Gable looks for another German Suplex, but Corbin knocks him out of the ring. Gable gets in the ring but he eats a back elbow from Baron. Corbin applies a chin lock and slows the match down. Gable fights up, but Corbin knees him in the gut. Corbin then whips him to the corner, before choking him on the ropes before bouncing him off the turnbuckle.

Gable slingshots over Baron and hits an arm-drag. Gable responds with a dropkick to the knee, before hitting a blockbuster. Corbin rolls out of the ring to recover. Corbin pulls him out of the ring but Gable punches him. The King stops him and bounces him off the steps. Corbin throws Gable over the barricade into some security guards!

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Corbin drops Gable for a two-count. Corbin puts him in a submission and Gable fights out but again Corbin floors him. Corbin puts Chad on the top rope but Gable hits a crossbody. Gable kicks Corbin in the knee again but gets dropped with a big boot.

Corbin attacks Gable in the corner and yells at the fans to “bow down”. He looks for the out-and-in clothesline again but this time Gable hits him with a running flip kick. Gable hits two more flip kicks, then heads to the top rope but Corbin shoves his foot. Corbin hits Chad with a roll-out slam for a near-fall.

Corbin looks for a chokeslam but Gable flips over with a sunset pin for a two count. Corbin catches Gable with a quick and big chokeslam for a near-fall. Corbin tries for a double axe handle but Gable dodges it and hits a German suplex. Gable heads up top and hits a beautiful moonsault for a near-fall. Corbin tries to his the End of Days but Gable rolls through and applies the ankle-lock. Corbin desperately reaches for the ropes but can’t get there. He gets his hands on his sceptre and uses it to bash Gable in the face!

Winner Via Disqualification: Chad Gable

After the referee has called an end to the match, Corbin hits Gable twice more with the sceptre. He dons his crown and cloak and poses.

*Commercial Break*

Rezar and Akam of the Author’s of Pain are sitting down for another interview. They say that last week they said the would expose the WWE locker room as soft, so tonight they will. Both of them stand up and walk out of the room. They walk down a hallway and start pounding Heath Slater and someone else. The camera cuts to them sitting down again and they say nobody is willing to face them.

Rey Mysterio makes his way to the ring for the Fatal 5-Way match, which takes place after the break.

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Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match

Rey Mysterio Vs. Ricochet Vs. AJ Styles Vs. Robert Roode Vs. sHINSUKE nAKAMURA

The match begins and Roode stays outside the ring. Ricochet and Mysterio clear Styles and Nakamura from the ring. Rey tries to roll-up Ricochet but doesn’t get the pinfall. Roode then comes into the ring and they knock him down. Rey is knocked to the apron by Ricochet but then he hits a springboard moonsault to Styles. Ricochet hits Nakamura with a suicide dive.

*Commercial Break*

Nakamura gets knocked from the ring by an enziguiri from Ricochet as we return. Ricochet dives over the ropes after tossing Styles out but nobody’s home. Inside the ring, Roode shoves Rey into the ropes and delivers a knee to the gut before sliding Rey out of the ring and onto Ricochet on the floor!

Styles tosses Ricochet into the ring and he and Roode double-team him in the corner. Roode turns on AJ but Styles drops him with a Pele Kick, then Ricochet knocks the US Champ from the ring. Nakamura attacks Ricochet, hitting a running knee, followed by a front suplex. Nakamura hits a running knee to the gut but Ricochet comes back with an enziguiri. Mysterio hits a senton from the top rope and Nakmaura rolls to the outside.

Mysterio and Ricochet are the only two in the ring. Rey looks for a tilt-a-whirl but Ricochet reverses into a suplex for a two count. Styles runs back in and kicks Ricochet, before landing a splash in the corner. Ricochet hits a rolling dropkick and AJ rolls out. Roode comes in and Ricochet hits him with a jawbreaker, followed by a kick against the turnbuckles and a springboard clothesline. Ricochet hits Roode with the Recoil but then Nakamura runs in and hits Kinshasha for the first pinfall!

Ricochet Eliminated

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Rey is on the top rope but Shinsuke kicks him. Nakamura climbs up but AJ comes in and grabs him, then Roode does the same and we get a tower of doom. Roode tries to pin all three men to no avail. Roode tosses AJ from the ring, then whips him to the corner. Nakamura kicks Roode in the back, then hits a leaping knee from the middle rope but Robert kicks out!

Styles comes in and connects with some big strikes to Nakamura but misses one and Nakmaura makes him pay with a kick and a sliding knee. Nakamura follows-up with an attempted Kinshasha but ends up knocking AJ from the ring. Mysterio comes in with a springboard crossbody to Nakamira, followed by the 619. Styles prevents Mysterio from doing the senton by dropping him on the apron. Styles then hits Nakamura with the Phenomenal Forearm for the pinfall.

Shinsuke Nakamura Eliminated

As soon as AJ scores the pinfall over Nakamura, Roode lifts AJ and hits the Glorious DDT for the 123!

AJ Styles Eliminated

We’re down to Robert Roode and Rey Mysterio. Roode drags Rey into the ring and readies for a Glorious DDT but Mysterio reverses into a roll-up for two. Rey then hits Roode with a hurricanrana onto the ropes. He runs for the 619 but gets caught with a 619 for a near-fall!

Mysterio looks for a seated senton but Roode reverses. Roode looks for the Glorious DDT but gets knocked onto the middle rope. Mysterio hits the 619, followed by a springboard splash for the win!

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Rey has won the opportunity to face Seth Rollins next week for the Universal Championship next week on Raw.

Seth is shown backstage and Charly Caruso asks him for his reaction to Rey winning the Fatal 5-Way match. Rollins says congrats to Rey Mysterio and he can’t wait for that dream match. But win, lose, or draw against Rey, he’ll have to face Bray Wyatt inside Hell In A Cell. He says he isn’t looking past Rey, or past Braun tonight, but he isn’t thrilled. Regardless, he’s going to do what a Champ does: prevail, and burn it down.

*Commercial Break*

Seth Rollins Vs. Braun Strowman

The match begins and Seth kicks Braun’s leg, then does it again. Braun catches the third kick and flips Seth head over heels then drops him with a clothesline. Braun delivers a big shoulder tackle, then another. Rollins ducks a clothesline from Braun and attempts a tilt-a-whirl sleeper but gets immediately tossed off and rolls from the ring.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back and Braun has Seth in a bear hug. Rollins fights out and looks for a Pedigree but Rollins flips him off. Braun runs around the ring to tackle Rollins but he jumps into the crowd to avoid it. Seth tries to jump at Braun but gets grabbed and thrown on the floor.

Braun puts Seth back in the ring and tries to tackle him but hits the ring post. Rollins drags Braun under the bottom rope and slams his leg against the ring post. Seth then hits Braun with a blockbuster, followed by two frog splashes for a near-fall.

Rollins tunes-up the band for The Stomp but Braun lifts him up. Seth drops down and shoves Braun over the ropes and to the outside. Rollins hits a suicide dive, then a second one, and looks for the third but Braun catches him and hits a chokeslam on the apron. Strowman runs around the ring and delivers a big shoulder tackle, then another, and a Running Powerslam on the floor!

Strowman brings Seth into the ring and puts him on his shoulder and readies for the Running Powerslam but the lights go start to dim and the music starts playing. The Fiend takes Braun Strowman down and out!

No Contest

Rollins crawls into the corner and wants nothing to do with The Fiend. Rollins makes some noises like he’s petrified. Strowman starts to get up but Bray takes him down with the Mandible Claw again. Bray laughs manically as he chokes Braun out. The Fiend then stares at Seth until the lights go out and the show ends.

And that’s the end of Raw! Let us know what you thought and be sure to come back tomorrow night for SmackDown Live results.

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