WWE has a lot of things that they need to get in order before Hell In A Cell, but before that they have to worry about SmackDown’s move to Fox.

There are a lot of things going on at once right now in the WWE Universe. Dave Meltzer brought up SmackDown this week and stated that it should be all about building for WWE’s next step. That could produce a “lame duck” show, but it could also be very angle-heavy in order to help bring fans to Fox.

“That’s gonna be a lame duck show because everything’s gonna be built for the week after. I mean what’s the point? There’s really no other point other than to set up angles for the October 4th show. So the SmackDown show this Tuesday should in theory be a very angle-heavy show.”

WWE has a lot of options, but they haven’t booked much for Hell In A Cell either. It might be a wise decision to book a couple of matches for their October 6th pay-per-view while they are preparing fans for a move to Fox at the same time.


Needless to say, SmackDown Live’s final week on the USA Network could be very interesting.

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