WWE is well aware that they need to put forth the biggest NXT show possible on October 2nd. All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite will debut on TNT that night and a lot of fans will be trying to watch both shows live.

Matt Riddle will battle Killian Dain this week on NXT in a #1 contender’s match. The winner of that match will face Adam Cole on October 2nd. Shayna Baszler vs Candice LeRae for the NXT Women’s Title is also slated for that big show.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed NXT’s future booking. They have a stacked show lined up for October 2nd which will be a very big day in pro wrestling history already.

“Shayna Baszler vs Candice LeRae and Adam Role against presumably Matt Riddle, right? I would presume that Matt Riddle — so that’s like a big match they were saving and I guess they’re saving it for the TV show. Again, on that night if I’m in their position of course I’m throwing out a big match like that. I mean and probably a title change, wouldn’t you think that you would do one.”


It was noted that Shayna Baszler has been NXT Women’s Champion for a long time so it’s believable that she could lose her title. You also have the possibility of Matt Riddle pulling off a huge win too.

The Undisputed Era will start off the October 2nd NXT show covered in gold, but that might not last for long. Let’s jut see what WWE has planned for NXT because they need to draw as much attention away from TNT’s All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite program as possible.

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