WWE Not Allowing Carmella To Change Her Appearance

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WWE is a very large company and they have plenty of things going at the same time. This is a contributing factor why Superstars can’t go around changing their looks.

The company needs to prepare advertising and promotional material for upcoming events. It also takes time for action figures, video games, and other merchandise to come out with Superstars’ likenesses.

One fan asked Carmella if she is going back to her darker hair anytime soon. The former SmackDown Women’s Champion replied that WWE simply won’t let her. This means that blonde Carmella is here to stay.

I’m not allowed to, unfortunately. So blonde Mella is here to stay!

Blondes do seem to have more fun and Carmella is no exception. She also seems to be falling back into a highlighted role as she ran in for the save last week on SmackDown Live to help out Charlotte Flair.

We’ll have to see what’s next for the Princess Of Staten Island, but don’t expect a hair color change to be part of the deal.

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