Matt Hardy On The Hardy Boyz Returning To WWE As A Special Attraction

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Matt Hardy hasn’t received much of a spotlight in recent months since his brother Jeff Hardy was injured at a house show on April 20th. This was terrible timing as the Hardy Boyz had just captured tag team gold once again in WWE.

While speaking to Inside The Ropes, Matt Hardy expressed certainty that The Hardy Boyz will reunite once again. If anything WWE can always use a special attraction and that’s a role the legendary tag team can fill.

“I mean I am sure we will do it (again). It’s obviously what we are most well known for. So I am sure that will happen. Anytime the Hardy Boys are together it’s a very special attraction and that’s what this industry lives all of nowadays to have special attractions.”

We’ll have to see how many more chances WWE has to reunite the Hardy Boyz. The company recently extended Jeff Hardy’s contract meaning he could plausibly be under contract for even longer than Matt at this point.

It could be very interesting to see what happens, but the Hardy Boyz have a name that could be very beneficial to several companies including Vince McMahon’s company.

Thanks to SE Scoops for the quote

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