WWE doesn’t always use every Superstar that they have available to them. Sometimes they don’t have a reason to utilize someone or they just don’t have time on the show. For Matt Hardy, the company doesn’t seem to be using him because his brother Jeff Hardy is out of action.

We previously reported that Jeff Hardy had more time tacked onto his WWE contract due to injury. This is not the case for Matt Hardy at all. In fact, his contract could be up before WrestleMania 36 rolls around.

Fightful Select reports that Matt Hardy is not in the same situation as his brother. He is able to wrestle, but WWE isn’t using him. Since he’s not injured or unable to work, WWE can’t extend Matt Hardy’s contract in the same way they did for his brother.

At this time, Matt Hardy’s WWE contract still appears to be up in March 2020. Let’s see what they are able to do in the meantime, but it seems like WWE has created a situation where the Hardy Boyz won’t be released at the same time.

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H Jenkins

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