Becky Lynch On Overcoming Gender Inequality

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Becky Lynch is the RAW Women’s Champion, but she was also Becky Two Belts for a short time. She scratched and clawed her way to the top, but she had a lot that she needed to overcome in the process.

While speaking to Yahoo, Becky Lynch opened up about how gender inequality is an issue, but it shouldn’t be. She just wanted the opportunity to succeed which she did with flying colors. Sadly, this isn’t the case for everyone.

“Give us the opportunity — give everyone equal opportunity — and let’s see what happens there.”

“I’m not asking for a free ride or anything like that. It’s about earning your spot and I think that people don’t need to be held down because of gender, race, where they come from. It’s all about proving your worth as a human and being allowed to be treated as such.”

Becky Lynch could be headed to SmackDown if the advertisements are any indication of things. We’ll just have to see how she fairs on the blue brand if WWE does follow through with this decision. It might be another hill to climb, but The Man is used to fighting for what she wants.

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