Despite losing his last big match to Cody Rhodes at All Out, Shawn Spears is still riding a nice wave of momentum heading into All Elite Wrestling’s big debut on TNT, which will be going down in just a few short weeks.

Alas, the nature of AEW’s schedule ensures that he can also make appearances in other promotions from time to time – allowing for few interesting challenges.

Spears has been taking every single opportunity that has come his way since signing for AEW, and now, he’s ready to expand his horizons: going so far as to challenge KENTA to a match.

One thing you certainly can’t argue is that Spears has improved a great deal on the mic as of late, and that appears to have trickled into his social media game.


Calling it a ‘game’ at all sounds a little bit ridiculous, but Twitter can be used to great effect in the modern age of professional wrestling, especially if you’re using it to enhance your character or, even better, put down the trolls.

Spears seems to thrive on the ‘unexpected’ nature of his character these days, which is hardly a bad use of his time. If he can keep being a little bit unpredictable then he should have some pretty decent times with AEW over the next few months (if not years).

For now, though, before the TNT era gets underway, we’re happy to see him go after trolls on social media. After all, that’s what half of wrestling Twitter is these days.

Harry Kettle

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