Possible Spoiler For AEW World Tag Team Tournament

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AEW will be kicking off their upcoming television show with a big World Tag Team tournament, but they could already have a booking issue.

We previously reported that AEW released the brackets for their upcoming World Tag Team tournament and there are some very good possibilities for slobberknocker matches. The issue is that Pentagon and Fenix already have a commitment on the day of the semifinals.

“Pentagon and Fenix on the day of the semifinal have a booking somewhere else,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. That could be a big hint that The Lucha Bros might not make it that far in the tournament.

AEW said that they want their World Tag Team Titles to be able to main event shows. This could happen, but the tournament only has a couple of teams that are bona fide main eventers. Pentagon and Fenix are two of those people who can headline an event without any question.

It should probably be noted that every card is subject to change, therefore, Pentagon and Fenix could always pull out of their other commitment.

We’ll have to wait and see what All Elite Wrestling books during their first few weeks on television, but this World Tag Team tournament could get trickier, especially if the Lucha Bros are previously booked for another event.

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