How WWE Kept Luke Harper’s Return A Surprise

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WWE pulled off a big surprise at Clash Of Champions.Fans definitely didn’t expect to see Luke Harper make a return to the storyline at this point.

After sitting at home for months, Harper is now back. WWE went through some efforts to keep his return a secret as well.

As we previously reported, WWE also waited until pretty late in the game to give him a call.

PW Insider reports that Luke Harper was called into the show, but he was not listed on the format sheet backstage. They also did what they could to hide the extremely large man until just before his time came to get involved in the show.

Harper was not listed on the format sheet for the show and was hidden until just before the Reigns vs. Rowan bout.  No one saw him backstage until just before his return.

Let’s hope that Luke Harper is able to make a difference. WWE needs to realize what kind of talented Superstar they have with him and it looks like they’re finally giving him another chance to show what he can do.

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